Hello there! Railgunfan75 here. This first post is just to let you know what the purpose of this blog will be. I am here basically to discuss my experiences in the vast realm that is geekdom.  

I thought it would be cool to share my thoughts and experiences with the world. I will be discussing topics and experiences related to anime, comics, video games,movies and conventions.

So I will be exploring my interest in video games

Anime series and Manga

And comic book characters and stories.

So what will I be talking about?I will post my thoughts on anime series and comic book story lines as I finish them.I will also share with you some of my favorite series in the world of comics and anime. And of course there will be thoughts on the conventions I attend. There will be a few posts about movies as well. Finally, I will be posting about a card game I really enjoy…Weiss Schwarz. I will be talking about  decks that my friends and I have, thoughs on the game, and any new sets my friends and I acquire.

I have been a life long geek and I am looking forward to share my thoughts with the rest of you. I already have my next post in mind. I will be discussing my experiences at Anime Milwaukee in Milwaukee, WI this past weekend. This post will be coming soon! See ya then!

My thoughts on the con will be posted soon!