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Anime Milwaukee 2014

Hello everyone! Railgunfan75 here again to tell you my thoughts about this years installment of Anime Milwaukee. It was held last weekend Feb 14-16 in downtown Milwaukee, WI. Being a native from the area, this is my hometown convention and I must say it was totally a blast! 


This is what con goers saw when they first entered the hotel. A nice reminder of what was to come.

 Myself and my companions arrived on Friday and stayed until Sunday afternoon. It was a great time from start to finish with plenty of things to do. First and foremost was the anime. I spent a lot of time watching anime during the weekend. Anime Milwaukee is a great convention for exploring new anime series. Last year I discovered both Fate/Zero and Bleach which I later continued to watch and are now amongst my favorites. This year the trend continued. Over the course of the weekend I checked out BTOOM!, D-Gray Man, Durarara, and one of the Naruto movies. All of the series I had never seen before and now am intending to check out in the future.Also they showed a preview for The Wind Rises. I must say the movie looks excellent and am looking forward to seeing it. The choices for anime viewing at the convention was quite diverse. To my knowledge they had a little bit of everything.

Another fun aspect of the convention was the cosplayers who attended. The crowd was larger than previous years, so more cosplay would also be found. There were many cool costumes to be found at the convention. From Ghostbusters to the soldiers from Attack on Titan, there was a wide variety of costumes to be found. Two series really had a commanding lead in terms of representation. Sword Art Online and Attack On Titan dominated the cosplay lineup this year to no one’s surprise.  Unfortunately I decided not to cosplay this year but I intend to at the next con. 


A lot of people attended the con this year as can be seen by the line for registration

The vendors hall was open all three days of the con.There were many vendors and artists there with many awesome items to purchase. As always is the case when I attend a con, I spent way too much money but it was completely worth it. Vendors were selling everything from anime DVDs and manga to swords and statues. Also many artists were there to sell there to see their artwork and crafts. There were so many things which I could have brought home if I had the money and the space for them. 


From statues to artwork to gaming supplies, just about anything could be found at the con



There were a lot of statues and figures of many different characters for sale. Luckily I was able to limit myself to just two.

When we weren’t watching anime, there were game rooms which offered options to play both tabletop and video games. This proved to be a nice diversion when there wasn’t any anime of interest. You could play anything from old school to games to modern classics. It was a blast to try out new games as well that I didn’t get the opportunity to play.

Overall, I would say that the con was fantastic! There were plenty of things to do and see. Great accommodations and a great place to hold a convention. I had a great time and am looking forward to the con in 2015!  So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 saying stay geeky my friends! 


2 comments on “Anime Milwaukee 2014

  1. gottyj
    February 19, 2014

    I know how you feel man! I over spent also T.T

  2. railgunfan75
    February 19, 2014

    Yeah spending too much is a good problem to have I guess. LOL

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