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Sword Art Online vs. Log Horizon

This is a nice post by a friend of mine about what could be a touchy issue in the anime community. I think he addresses the topic perfectly and I agree completely with what he says. Enjoy!

The Maz

At my recent adventure to AMKE, I was able to check out a new anime called Log Horizon. Many people in the viewing room kept saying how much it is like Sword Art Online which was the big hit anime of 2013. Some people would even walk in, look at a few minutes of the episode airing and say, “oh, dude…its exactly like SAO” and then leave as if it was not worth their time to watch. At the viewing, I was only able to catch about three episodes total, but upon coming home from the convention I started watching more. While there are certain similarities between the two anime, they are both very different mosters. Below, I am going to run through some of their similarites and differences and simply compare the two.

Premise and the Main Characters
The premise of both shows are very similar. Just like in…

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This entry was posted on February 19, 2014 by in Anime reviews, General Geek Topics.

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