Hello everyone- railgunfan75 here! I recently added a post from a friend of mine talking about the differences between the series Log Horizon and Sword Art Online. In the post he mentions that actually both are worth watching for different reasons. I agree with his opinion, both are excellent shows (I will post my thoughts on the two series at a later date). Also I agree with his comment that there is no real need to pick one over the other. That got me thinking about one problem which plagues geek culture in general, the need for Hostile argument over favorite anime, superheroes, games etc.  

Debate and discussions are a good thing. Debate allows for the sharing of ideas, provides us an opportunity to gain insights into other view points, learn new things, and connect with people who share similar interests. I enjoy hearing from people why they dislike a series a series I enjoy or why I should give a character another chance. I have had my views changed by debate and have influenced others. We even go to great lengths to come together to share and discuss our passions. Online forums, comic and anime conventions, and blogs are some of the ways we do this. This is one of the wonderful parts of geek culture. Our willingness to come together to discuss and share are passions with one another. We also try to do this with the upmost respect towards others. 

Arguably one of the biggest debates in all of geekdom.

In my experience the majority of us are respectful towards fellow geeks. I want to make this point clear. As a whole the community is full of awesome people. Ninety nine percent of us are upstanding wonderful people. However, there is a small portion of us who take things too far. The very passion that we geeks have while a strength for our community can turn into a problem if we are not careful. Sadly there are some people who chose not to be respectful towards fellow geeks. That is just sad in my opinion. For example, the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate is one of biggest debates you will find with some of the most passionate people on both sides of it. However there is a sense that if you like one by definition you can’t like the other and one is the enemy for doing so. Or in the case of anime series like Sword Art Online or Attack on Titan where I have seen people insulted because of their opinion. Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics  as well. Really? Why do we have to be divided over this? 

marvel vs dc 540x535 Top 10 Comic Book Crossovers
A war of epic proportions

As a community we are some cases using these differences in opinion to divide ourselves. In my opinion, there is no reason for us to do so. I thoroughly enjoy discussing whether Batman would beat Iron Man in a fight. Or discussing one’s favorite anime hero or heroine. However we do ourselves a huge disservice by letting our passion cause us to hurl insults at people or see a particular group of people as an enemy. We are all part of a really awesome community, and frankly it seems some people want to ruin the community.

It is also an awesome time to be a geek. We are seeing Batman, Superman, and The Avengers acheiving success on the big screen. TV shows based on comic book adaptations are becoming popular. Conventions for comics and anime are having people attend in the thousands. Why ruin it with insults and hate because of a difference in opinion. No one is stupid because they disagree with your opinions. That what makes it an opinion. No one thing is absolutely better than other. We have no distinct way to measure that. That’s why we have the debates and discussions. Hurling insults does not contribute to such discussions and discourages people from expressing their opinions. Also it invalidates one’s argument because it is clear one has nothing of significance to contribute to the discussion.  It may work for politicians, but come on we are above this. 

There is nothing wrong with respecting someone else’s opinion. There is also nothing wrong with either not picking a side or perhaps agreeing with both sides of a debate. I personally read comics from both Marvel and DC. I am a Star Wars guy but don’t hate people who like Star Trek. In fact I try to understand what they like about it, not insult them. I just don’t see the point in hating others. 

So for those of you out there who  are respectful towards other opinions, I thank you. I also ask that you keep an eye out for those who choose who give our community a bad name by disrespecting each other. Perhaps we can spread the word and remind them how great of a community we are a part of.

So what do you guys think about this topic? Do you see this as a problem? Is there a point where debates can go too far? I would like to hear back from you on this issue-whether you agree or not with what I had to say. Next time I will post my first anime review though I haven’t decided which series yet. Until next time, this is railgunfan75. Thanks for reading and stay geeky my friends!