Greetings! Railgunfan75 here. While I am working on my next anime review, I thought I would change gears in my blog. With the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy hitting the web this past week, we get our first peek at another superhero adaptation. Captain America: The Winter Solider, X-Men Days of Future Past, and The Amazing Spiderman 2 also being released in 2014. This marks another great year for us comic books at the cinema. Such films have been around for a long time. Let’s not forget that there were serial Batman and Superman films in the 40’s. But they have not have not had as much prominence as they do today.


I know that the results of films based on comic books have been mixed. For every awesome film such as The Avengers, there have been  more duds such as Daredevil and Superman Returns.  Also many people will say that the films don’t stick to the what was depicted in the comic books. The superhero film genre is far from perfect I agree. However, while there still can be improvements to be made, I think we should rejoice at least in the fact that they are getting made and are gaining acceptance and enjoy the fact that at the very least these movies are being made.

The heroes and villains which many of us grew up idolizing are now getting their time in the spotlight.  Not only that but people who may not have understood why these characters were cool or even cared now have an interest in these characters. The characters are getting introduced to an audience which would not have cared about them otherwise. The films have helped introduce a generation as well to these characters  I personally know people who previously had not cared about comic books and superheroes until these movies came out and gained popularity. Now they are excited for the next film and in some cases even started reading some comics themselves. Simply put, the films are in some way helping to keep our favorite heroes alive.

I understand that we fans are a picky bunch. There are many aspects of some films that I don’t like (whether it be casting choices or creative changes which don’t work). However we do need to understand in the case of small changes made to characters and settings, that it is in fact a film not a comic book. How bad would it look to see Wolverine on screen running around in spandex? It would look pretty bad. Or if the Manadarin had mystical powers after a pretty grounded universe was established? It just wouldn’t work with the context of the films.

One of the highlights of the superhero film genre

There is nothing wrong with wanting an excellent film adaptation for our favorite hero. I want the same thing as well and am saddened when a film doesn’t meet expectations. I want to make a good impression with people who are discovering the character and don’t want their impression to be a bad one. However, I am grateful that the films are at least being made and the characters are getting recognized as a significant part of our culture. I just ask that we all remember that it is a big deal that the films are being made and appreciate the fact that we can see our heroes on the big screen.

So what do you think about superhero films? Have any favorites or ones you hate? Let me know in the comments blow. This is Railgunfan75 saying stay geeky my friends!