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Weiss Schwarz Review: Log Horizon Trial Deck

Greetings fellow Weiss fans! Railgunfan75 here with first post in my Weiss Schwarz series. Today i will be giving my thoughts about the Log Horizon Trial Deck which came out recently. I will also do a Kill la Kill trial deck review in my next post. I will discuss a few of the interesting and key cards in the deck and then give my overall thoughts. All of the images and card translations come from http://www.heartofthecards.com. 

I will start with level 0 cards and work my way up from there.

Serara, Druid

Keyword 1:  (Magic)   Keyword 2: None
[C] ASSIST All your Characters in front of this gain +500 Power.

The Level 0 assist for the deck. This is pretty standard for a TD. A second ability would be nice here but they include 4 of these so you can be assured to give your characters a boost.

Nyanta the Cook



Keyword 1: Weapon Keyword 2: Cook

[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, look at the top card of your Library and put it either on top or bottom of the Library.

This is a nice tool to have in any deck and should be included in any Log Horizon build. The flexibility of knowing the top card allows for a lot of planning and some deck manipulation. Preventing a key card or climax from going into stock is always a plus. This card even has benefits late game by allowing you to not trigger a climax. The benefits to this tech should not be ignored. This card could also be useful with the next card…




Keyword 1: Weapon   Keyword 2: Ninja

[A] [Put a Marker from under this in the Waiting Room] When this attacks, oyu may pay cost. If so, choose 1 of your Opponent’s Level 0 or lower Characters in the Front Row and put it in the Waiting Room.
[S] [Rest this] If there’s no Marker under this, put the top card of your Library under this as Marker.

I have seen many players look at this card and immediately dismiss it. Sure a two turn attack ability may seem terrible, however I think that this card actually could have it’s uses. When paired with Nyanta’s ability you can scout out what the marker card is going to be. If it’s a card that would be more beneficial in the waiting room such as a change target (if there is a change mechanic in the booster), then you can ensure that it doesn’t get buried in stock.

Also having the ability to snipe a lvl zero might cause your opponent to think twice about expending resources to put out a super big lvl zero. You can attack a smaller character with this card and use the marker to take out a second card. If the character has hand encore, then they have to lose hand to keep the character alive.  This card has possibilities and I don’t think it should be written off at least until the booster is released. I believe this card should be given a chance.

The other level zeros are your standard vanillas and a card which lets you pay 2 to salvage on play. The salvage card is a nice touch in this deck which doesn’t have any gate climaxes. The level zero cards are alright in my opinion. The Nyanta and Akatsuki combo is interesting and worth playing with and probably the best way to take down big level zeros at this point (until the booster of course).  Other than that level zero has less to offer than other trial decks in terms of utility.

Now for Level 1 cards…


Akatsuki, Blushing


Keyword 1: 武器 (Weapon)
Keyword 2: 忍 (Ninja)

[C] If you have 3 or more other Characters with either ::Weapon:: and/or ::Magic::, this gains +1500 Power.

This is a nice zero cost at level 1 with it potentially reaching 7000 power with a full back row of assist cards. Every character is a weapon or magic trait so this requirement is easy to accomplish. I think these type of cards are nice options to have in a deck because they have no real investment to play them with a free cost. Barring better options in the booster, this card is certainly a good option to play.

Delicate Combination LH/SE20-T19


[A] When this is placed from hand to the Climax Zone, draw a card, and choose 1 of your Characters. That Character gains +2000 Power and +1 Soul for the turn.

Nyanta, Swashbuckler  LH/SE20-T12


Keyword 1: 武器 (Weapon)
Keyword 2: コック (Cook)

[A] When “Delicate Combination” is placed in the Climax Zone, if you have another Charcater whose name includes “Shiroe”, this gains +4000 Power for the turn.

The climax combo for the deck. This is a nice free to play combo with a climax that replaces itself in your hand. If you apply the power boost to Nyanta, he can get up to a whopping 11000 power with a Shiroe on the field! There are a lot of Shiroe cards in the deck, so pulling off the combo is pretty easy.  Also with this power this card can run over most things it will encounter. It probably won’t survive the next turn, but at zero cost again a nice option to removing trouble cards at no cost. Also the 2k+1 climaxes are one of the better climaxes. You can hit for more precise damage plus the replacement of the card in your hand is a nice touch. Plus this deck includes 4 of the climax which is another plus. A very solid climax combo.

The other level one cards are a 1/0 5500 vanilla Naotsugu and 1/1 6500 Shiroe with hand encore. The 5500 vanillas are an alright card in the right situations. The hand encore Shiroe is a nice touch and hand encore cards should be included in any deck if possible. Overall I think the cards at level 1 are quite solid. In order to pull of the combos requires little stock which is nice since the stock can come into some use at levels 2 and 3.

The level 2 game has some interesting cards and combos as well.

Marielle, Representative of Crescent Moon Alliance LH/SE20-T07


Keyword 1: 魔法 (Magic)

[C] ASSIST All your characters in front of this gains +1000 Power.
[S] [(1)] Choose 1 of your ::Weapon:: Characters. That Character gains +1500 Power for the turn.

Naotsugu LH/SE20-T16


Keyword 1: 武器 (Weapon)

[S] [Rest 1 of your ::Magic:: Characters] This gains +1000 Power for the turn.

This is a nice power combination at level 2. With just one of each of these cards on the field, you can get a powerhouse on the field. With one Mariella and activation of both abilities, Naotsugu has the potential to become 11500, with two Mariella 14000 after you spend 2 stock. These power levels will definitely beat just about any level 2 characters and most level 3 characters. I like the synergy between the characters of different traits which is not something you see too much in this game. Indiviually both cards are nice, but together they form a nice combo. I personally like the +1k assists a little more than level assists because of the ability to help lower level characters. The rest ability for Naotsugu is an inexpensive way to get to gain a power boost.

Shiroe LH/SE20-T15


Keyword 1: 魔法 (Magic)
l Keyword 2: メガネ (Glasses)

[A] [Put the top card of your Library in Clock] When the Battle Opponent of this becomes Reversed, you may pay cost. If so, draw a card.

I’m not sure what to think about this card. The card can’t get pumped by the Mariella assists extra ability. Also taking extra damage at level 2 is a dicey proposition. It could be useful perhaps early level 2 or to get yourself away from 5 damage. With no heals in this deck however, this is not an ability you would want to abuse.

The remaining level 2 cards are the standard 9k vanilla, 3k Backups and an event card. The event card gives a power boost and prevents your opponent from standing a character. The event I think is a nice touch and can be a little disruptive to you opponent.

The lone level 3 card of the trial deck is shown below.

Shiroe, Enchanter LH/SE20-T17


Keyword 1: 魔法 (Magic)
Keyword 2: メガネ (Glasses)

[C] If there are 5 or more cards in your hand, this gains +1500 Power and “[C] During battles involving this, your Opponent may not play BACKUPfrom hand”.
[A] When this is Front Attacked, look at the top card of your Library and put it either on top of the Library or in the Waiting Room.

The five card hand size requirement for this card can be restrictive at level 3 with the ideal strategy to play as many characters as possible and soul rush. The ability itself is nice but the requirement is probably not going to be met very easily with hand size usually small at level 3. The top deck check is useful however, as it allows to mill cards to get closer to damage cancels. A solid card but not the best level 3 out there.

The climax cards for the set are the two 2k+1 cards, two +2 soul climaxes, and two free waiting room stock climaxes. The combination of climaxes I think is nice even with the two =2 soul climaxes. I like the controlled stock climax as it really helps with controlled compression.

Overall I think that this is a solid trial deck. The strength of this deck is the beatdown ability at level 1 and 2. The level zero game relies on the Akatsuki combo to do kill the tough characters. Besides that it is really standard fare for a trial deck. The level 3 card is ok but not the best option out there. Finally the climax cards are a good combination with the options that they give. All of the cards in the deck are exclusives to the trial deck and there are some useful cards in it. Is it a worthwhile buy? If you are a fan of thes  series and looking to build a deck, I say yes. Just don’t expect an overpowering deck right away.

So that was my review of the Log Horizon Trial deck. If you have any comments please leave them below. My next deck review will be the Kill la Kill trial deck. I will also be doing posts of the some of the decks from sets I use. I am working on a Fate/Zero anime review which is coming soon. Until next time, this is railgunfan75 saying stay geeky my friends!


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