Hello! Railgunfan75 here. On this blog so far, I have tossed around the work geek a lot. (It’s even in the title of this post and the blog title.) There is a reason that I use this word so word so freely. It is because I wear the titles of geek, gamer, otaku etc. with pride. A while back I was talking about a convention with a freind of mine. I mentioned that the convention was a great convention for geeks of types. His reply was that he hated the word geek. I was disappointed but not shocked. The term geek really had so many many meanings both positive and negative within our culture. I’m sure many of us have had the terms geek, nerd, and the like used as in insult. I sure have. With some people it has the connotation of freak or outcast among other things. Being picked on or insulted is never a fun thing. In an ideal world, we shouldn’t have to put up with that.
So I can understand why some people would see the term as a negative one. Those people who hurl it as an insult do. However, I have come to realize one thing. Terms such as geek SHOULD be worn with pride. It is a fundamental part of who you are and should not be hid from the world regardless of what they think. There is a lot of power in taking away a negative meaning of the word. What good is someone insulting you if you reply with pride that you agree with them.
There are other reasons why we should be proud to use such terms. Being a geek, nerd, otaku etc. means that you are part of a great community. Think about it. These communities don’t care about your background, race, or gender. If you are passionate about what love then you belong in the community, no questions asked. I have had many random conversations with random strangers at conventions just talking about the con or someone’s cosplay. They don’t judge at all while doing this. Why would not want to be an active part of such a community?  We have acceptance from others in the community, we don’t need it from those who would never understand us anyway.
I know many of us have taken garbage from other people because they don’t understand our passions. I believe we shouldn’t let this stop us from being who we are. I encourage those people who enjoy anime, comic books, sci fi, and the like who are uncomfortable showing the world their geekiness to please do so. Who cares if people don’t accept you? You have to accept yourself first. Remember as well, you are not alone. You are part of an awesome geek community. Until next time, Railgunfan75 here saying stay geeky my friends!