Greetings! Railgunfan75 here! With spring finally here, it’s time for convention season here in the Midwest. (Most of the conventions in my area run between February and October.) I recently attended C2E2 at the McCormick Center in downtown Chicago. For those not in the know, C2E2 is a comic book and entertainment show. The convention features all of the major comic book publishers such as Marvel,DC, and Dark Horse. The show also features many entertainment guests; from tv and movie actors to professional actors, guests from all walks are brought in. Over the last two years, the convention has started to incorporate anime into it’s repertoire with vendors being allowed and the addition of Funimation as a contributor and partner. Cosplay is encouraged as they held a cosplay contest during the course of the show. In short, the show has a little bit of everything.

I chose to attend the con for one day on Friday, the first day of the convention. With other commitments such as ACEN coming up, I couldn’t do a full weekend. However, one of the nice things about C2E2 is that you can have a fun experience whether it’s for one day or the full weekend. One reason that this is the case is that they have the convention easy to get to. Hailing from Southern Wisconsin, I was able to catch a train into downtown Chicago. The convention offers free shuttle buses from the hotels and train stations to the convention center and back. The experience getting down there and back was not even remotely stressful.

100_1082 100_1084

Once I got there, my main focus was on the vendors hall and artists alley. Unfortunately, most of the programming started later in the day so I could not attend any panels. That was not a bad thing as the atmosphere in the main hall was a lot of fun. First there were plenty of cosplayers representing everything from the Ghostbusters to Erza from Fairy Tail. Many people were in the spirit of convention and it was fun to see.

Vendors had a wide variety of items for sale. Of course there were many vendors had new and old comic books for sale. Even though I am avid comic book reader, I wasn’t in the market for any books. There was a large amount of action figures for sale along with novelty items. Moderately priced statues and figures were common items for sale: this is what I was the hunt for personally. Also one could shop for anime collectibles and DVDs For those with deeper wallets, one could purchase framed and autographed comic book and movie artwork along with high-end statues and busts. Many artists were also there to show off their work and sell some of their art. Many different styles were available there and most of the popular characters were represented. Whether your interests are in comics, anime, movies, or games one could find something to their liking there. Also many of the comic publishers had exhibits set up where they held events, gave away SWAG, or had some exclusive items for sale. I found the layout of the main hall to be quite nice and everything was easy to find.

From action figures…..
To artwork….

One cool feature of the convention is the presence of the comic writers and artists. Many of your favorite writers and artists were available for autographs throughout the weekend. With a few exceptions, the individuals did not charge for autographs or set a limit on how many items they signed. I didn’t have anything this year, because I have all of my favorites sign stuff for me at past conventions. From experience, these people are really awesome with the fans. They all are friendly and are willing to talk toy you if you approach them. They are as excited to meet the fans as the fans are to meet them.

to comics….one could find almost anything there.

I was able to find some nice pieces for my collection. The highlights for me include an Agent Coulsten bobblehead to a statue of a steampunk version of Batgirl. There were many cool items which I had to pass on but I am really excited about what I found. I was also lucky enough to find some gifts for some fellow geeks!




C2E2 is really a fun experience for any comic or media fan. There is really something for everyone and I personally had a blast. I was able to get some cool collectibles and artwork and got to experience a cool atmosphere. I was also able to get my picture taken with Batman! A family friendly event with a lot to offer, if you are a geek you should check this one out. I have had a blast each year that I have gone and plan to attend next year’s show.

Picture of me at the con display celebrating 75 years of Batman


And so that concludes my experience at C2E2. I would like to hear from you – did you attend this year and what did you think? Any cons that you would recommend? Please comment below. Coming up…more Weiss Schwarz content, Kill la Kill review, comic book content and more! Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 saying: Stay geeky my friends!