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Rankings- My rankings for Railgun/S, Fate/Zero, Log Horizon, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Greetings! Railgunfan75 back here on my blog again with some new content for you guys. Well it’s somewhat new. In my last post I explained a ranking system for anime that I will use in all of my future reviews. I thought it would be a good idea for completness to give a ranking to the four series that I have already reviewed. That is the purpose of this post. I will give each series a ranking and a brief explanation as to why it achieved the ranking. So without further adieu, here are my rankings for Log Horizon, Fate/Zero, Railgun/S, and The Legend of the Legendary Heroes.
A Certain Scientific Railgun/Railgun S                       Gold
Simply put there is so much that this series does right. The characters are certainly relatable and likeable with Mikoto Misaka and Kuroko Shirai amongst my favorite anime characters. The story arcs are engrossing (The Sisters Arc in particular) and does an excellent job of keeping you guessing what will happen next.  This series is really entertaining to watch whether you are looking for a slice of life series or an awesome scienece fiction story.Railgun mixes action and suspense with quiter moments quite well. It is also worth noting that in a series with mostly female characters, the fan service is kept to a minimum which is a nice touch. The music is also so dang catchy as well. A Certain Sceintific Railgun and Railgun S has my highest recommendation and I believe the DVD’s sets are a worthwhile purchase.
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes        Silver
A great fantasy series mixed with a political thriller, the name of this series is kind of decieving. There is plenty of action to be had sure, but the complex plot is not something you usually see in any fantasy series. The characters are memorable and grow throughout the series. The plot is engrossing with many trist and turns along the way. The one thing which stops this series from a Gold ranking is the ending. While it wraps up the many plot threads nicely, it opens up a few more within the last few episodes making the conclusion not as satisfying as it could be. It’s because of this that it gets a silver ranking. This series is worth purchasing, though I would recommend streaming a few episodes first to see if it meets your tastes.
ImageFate/Zero       Gold
Fate/Zero is one of those series which showed me what anime could be capable of and helped me get into the genre. Filled with a large cast of interesting characters highlighted by the servant Saber (Another of my favorite characters), Fate/Zero shows the right way to handle an ensamble cast. There are male and female characters which play an important role and the male characters aren’t annoying.  The story is complex but not confusing and touches on many philosphical issues. A very intelligent and well thought out series. The animation is amongst the best that I ever seen and an epic soundttrack completes a very nice picture. Also, who wouldn’t like historical and mythological figures battling it out? Fate/Zero has my highest recommendation and the DVD sets are worth a purchase even with the high cost.
Log Horizon     Gold
Log Horizon is one cool and very well done series. The series contains elements which would appeal to gamers and non gamers alike. The setting is well established with the rules and law of the world explained in a concise and clear manner. The characters despite their incredible abilities are still quite human. Akatsuki is an awesome character and Shiroe breaks the mold of having a male lead be an attractive lone wolf type. Instead  you have a hero who relies on his intelligence and experience to get him through tough situations not super powers. The rest of the cast is quite relatable as well and entertaining to watch. The story is a nice example of using a fantasy type setting to address real world issues. The series has a little bit of something for everyone from action to comedy to drama and it mixes those together into some entertainign stories. Log Horizon has my highest recommendation and when the series is released on DVD I would suggest buying it.
And so we reach the conclusion of this post. Please check out the full reviews of the series in the Anime Reviews  section of this blog. All of my future reviews of anime will include this new ranking system. Kill la Kill shall be the bext series to recieve the treatment. I also am willing to take recommendations for series to watch or for reviews to do. If you have a suggestion please leave a comment below. Until next time anime fans, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!

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