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Reviews Update- My New Anime Review Rating System

Greetings fellow geeks! Railgunfan75 here. I was looking over my previous blog posts and came to a realization. When I was looking over my previous anime reviews I realized that I left one thing up in the air. While I did say whether I liked or disliked the series, I didn’t really give a sense as to how much or how strong of a recommendation I would give the series. Because of this in future reviews, I will be doing two things. First, I will place a series into one of four rankings based on how much I liked/ disliked a series. I don’t believe in using a number system because of the complexity of it for the reviewer and the audience.  For the second thing, I will tell you whether the series warrants a buy, streaming, etc. So here are the four rankings.
This ranking is reserved for the best of the best shows. These shows have very few flaws to them and any flaws are minor ones. Series with this ranking are ones which are revolutionary or unique. Also series which do something particularly well and are quite entertaining receive this ranking. Shows with this ranking have my highest recommendation and are the ones which I enjoyedimmensely. Usually if it is ranked Gold, I will also recommend that the series is worth a buy.
Anime series which are quite entertaining or unique but have a noticeable flaw fall into this ranking. These series are worth watching and do many things very well. However, one thing detracts from the experience enough where the series loses something. These series I really enjoyed and do have my recommendation. If a series is ranked Silver, a recommendation to buy or not will depend on the series.  
This is for series which do some things right and some things wrong. These series are worth a watch but don’t expect anything unique. These series are entertaining and not a waste of time. However they are far from being  masterpieces and certainly have their flaws. Also series which fall short of their potential or would be appealing to a niche audience fall in this category. These series will most likely receive a streaming recommendation.
For the series in which very little goes right. This ranking is for the series which are just painful to watch. The flaws far overshadow anything the series does right. Of course anything with this ranking will generally receive a recommendation to skip the series all together.
So those are my four rankings for anime series and movies. I will eventually come up with a similar system for movies and tv shows from the U.S. This will be a little different because of the differences between anime and U.S. television. So this concludes this post. For my next post, I will apply these rankings to the four series I have already reviewed, Railgun/Railgun S, Fate/Zero, Log Horizon,and The Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Also, I know I keep saying this but I am working on a review of Kill la Kill (I keep getting sidetracked and wanted to do this before the review). So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 saying stay geeky my friends!

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