Hello! Railgunfan75 here! This year marks the 75th anniversary of the first appearance of one of the icons in the comic world. In 1939, the world saw their first glimpse of the Batman in Detective Comics #27. Little could anyone of imagined the cultural impact that this issue would have. Seventy Five years later, there aren’t many people who don’t know the name of Batman. For this post, I thought I would I give a shout out to the character.

The cover of Detective Comics #27- The first appearance of Batman


There are many reasons that the character has endured over the years. First and foremost is the fact that Batman is human and doesn’t have any superpowers. His humanity stems from the one of the most tragic origins, the death of his parents. Sure many characters have sad and tragic origins, but Batman’s is the most relate-able. We can’t relate as well to acquiring powers from an alien source or being the last survivor of a planet. However, we can all relate to feelings of loss particularly the loss of the one’s we care about. Also, it is quite understandable the mental toll witnessing such a tragedy would take on someone. Batman’s “abilities” come from years of hard work, training, and those awesome toys that  he carries. It’s fitting that he first appeared in Detective Comics due to his skills as a world class detective. Detective stories have always appealed to people, just look at the longevity of characters such as Sherlock Holmes. Batman comics provide an extra dimension compared to some other heroes and perhaps adds to its audience by doing so. This is the very definition of human achievement using his intelligence to solve problems not super powers. This gives Batman a special place in our comic mythos.

While characters who have been around for a long time have undergone changes, few characters have undergone. As would be expected with a character who has been around for a long time, Batman has changed From the light hearted campy hero from the 60’s tv series, to the much darker and brooding versions of the modern era, there is probably a version to appeal to any taste. Each generation has their version of the character which represents Batman to them. For me it will always be the Batman from the 1990’s animated series. Even though the versions of the character can be quite different, they all represent some portion of the character which we can all relate to.  He has also paired up with many different heroes and of course a longtime member of the Justice League.  Because he has appeared in so many forms, it has become much easier for the character to transverse generations. Would he be as well known if we didn’t have 60’s tv show, the 90’s animated series or the Nolan trilogy? I don’t think so. The character has proven for better or worse to be quite adaptable for the times. This means of course that Batman has a bright and long future.

My generation’s version of Batman- The animated series holds up well even today

For these reasons and more, Batman has endured and found a special place in our mythos. A human earning a starring role in a world full of gods, Batman despite not having any super powers has certainly become a super hero. Happy 75th birthday and here’s to hoping that you have 75 more successful and awesome years!

This is Railgunfan75 signing off. See you next time!