Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with the next in my series of Weiss Schwarz tips. In this installment, I will provide you with more tips and tricks for building your weiss deck! Like I said in part one, these are just tips which I have found useful. I am not what you would call a professional or pro player, this is just some friendly advice to those who are just starting with the game.

accel word deck
Building a deck is not an easy task


Tips #1 and #2 are discussed in part 1.

Tip #3: Check out other people’s deck lists and discuss the set with fellow players.

So why would I recommend checking out decklists? The reasons for this are simple. Usually when someone is showing off their deck to others, they are proud not only of the deck but how well the deck works. Many decklists represent tournament winning decks which have been proven to work. If you are playing strictly for the competitive aspect of it, these type of decklists are worth checking out. These type of lists can be useful for more casual players as well. The reason for this is that many tournament winning decks contain many of the core standards or some useful tech for a particular card set. I don’t play in a competitive environment but I have taken ideas from such lists and have found them to be quite useful. The second type of list you will find are those made by more casual players. In these lists, one will find competitive builds and more fun builds such as character based builds. These type of lists are important to check out as well because you might find some gem cards hidden in these builds. You will also find out how fan decks work for a particular set. Since it covers a broad scope of possibilities, I would recommend checking out both types of lists.

The weiss schwarz community is a great one to be a part of. Many people are willing and eager to not only show off their decks but are also willing to discuss sets and the game in general. Fellow players can prove to be a good resource concerning deck archetypes, how a particular set works, deck builds that don’t work, etc. Sometimes it becomes easy to become blinded by a particular ideas which sounds good for a deck. However if you are the only set of eyes looking at a deck, you will miss some obvious flaws or problems with how the deck is constructed. Others can also help with common problems such as the number of a particular card you should run, color ratios etc. It’s not only fun to discuss such things, it can also lead to coming up with your own version of a deck build.

Tip#4: The deck is your unique creation, don’t let others control how the deck is built. 

log horizon 03 holo
If you like what this card and how it works, go ahead and use this card in your deck.

At the end of the day, one’s deck is really a unique creation. The final decision lies with the player. I will emphasize that the deck should be built the way you want to build it. If someone tells you that a decktype sucks or is no fun, listen to their arguments but make the decision based on what you want. Use the resources that are available because they are excellent resources but don’t let them fully control how you wish to build the deck. This may seem a little contradictory to the previous tip but I think it is important to point out. Use the resources but do it in moderation. You will not only be more proud of the deck because you took the time to make the decisions, and it is your own, the deck will be better tailored to your play style.  I have seen decks which were constructed for people by others and the players just hated them. In some cases, the decks just didn’t fit what they wanted to do and ultimately failed. As a result the players had cards they didn’t want and were left spending more money fixing and reconstructing the deck. The point is to really take pride in the deck you build and one way to do it is build it yourself.


So this concludes part 2 of my deck building tips. The third and final part of my deck building post will be coming soon. As for future posts, all of things I mentioned in part 1 are still in the works. There will be more decklists, my first Manga Corner review and more anime reviews to come. I know much of my promised content takes a while to get posted, but that is because I like to put a lot of effort into my content. I thank you for your patience on that and appreciate you reading my posts when I do get them finished. I am striving to produce content on a more consistent basis and keep it worth reading. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!