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Summer Anime Challenge Update: Week 1 May-19-15

Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with the first update concerning my summer anime challenge. I am now 8 days into the challenge and I have started tackling the series on my list. I have not made a lot of progress in the 1st week since I attended Anime Central last weekend (which was an awesome experience btw). I did however get started on the list and here is a summary of my progress and some brief thoughts about the series up to this point. So here is my current progress.

The Rolling Girls- 1 episode.

A very solid and interesting 1st episode. The episode does a solid job of establishing the setting and the characters. Enough information is given to make the viewer curious for more information about the world the characters live. As for the characters it is a bit too early to make a judgement on them, but early indications are the characters are certainly worth watching. The series could be interesting for sure.

Girls Und Panzer- 1 episode

The cast of characters introduced in the 1st episode alone have convinced me that this series was a good choice to watch. Each of the characters that are met in episode are fun in their own way. The animation is really cool with nice use of 3D effects and pan shots. The music is quite catchy too. If the the rest of the series is as fun as episode 1 the the series will be among my favorites.

Tokyo Ravens- 4 episodes

This series has me hooked. A cool premise with interesting characters and cool looking animation.Many anime series with supernatural elements are usually high quality and so far this series is .no exception The series mixes dramatic and emotional moments with some nice jokes and humor. The character interactions are fascinating, the animation is gorgeous and the plot is fascinating. In addition the opening theme is pretty epic as well. I have high hopes for this series as well.

So that concludes my update for my anime challenge. I will return next week with another update and hopefully more progress made towards completing the challenge. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!


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