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Summer Anime Challenge: 5-27-15

Greetings Railgunfan75 with my weekly update concerning my summer anime challenge. It has been eight days and not a week since my last post, but I think that doing this on Wednesdays from now just seems like a better fit. There has been a significant amount of progress this week as the challenge as started to pick up some momentum. In fact, one of the series has now been added to the completed category! Because I have completed a series, I will be including each week a tally and list of series I have completed and have in progress.Once I have given thoughts on a completed series, I won’t repeat my thoughts in future posts. As was the case last week, here is a summary of my current progress with some brief thoughts on the series.


Girls und Panzer

This series was a real pleasant surprise. I was afraid that a series of only 12 episodes would feel completely rushed and disjointed. That was not the case with this series. Sure the series could of been fleshed out a bit more and filled 24 episodes. However, I thoroughly enjoyed what I got here. The cast of characters is large but great. The story is really entertaining and the animation and music is awesome. Plus we have girls and tanks-enough said.  A full review will come but this series has my recommendation.

In progress

Unbreakable Machine Doll  4 episodes

At his point I have completed the opening story arc for this series and I must say I am quite impressed so far with this series so far. The premise is really cool and the setting is a nice variation on a school/academy setting. There is a nice mix of comedy and action in this one.  The characters are fun and the animation has been impressive so far. I have been curious about this series for a while and it seems like I have made a good choice in checking this one out. I hope this 12 episode series will live up to what the four episodes I’ve seen have shown.

The Rolling Girls 2 episodes

My thoughts on this haven’t really changed too much after the second episode. The series still seems interesting and I look forward to checking out more of this series. I get the feeling that after a few more episodes, I can make a better judgement about this series. A very solid 2 episodes in my opinion.

Tokyo Ravens 7 episodes

This show continues to impress and generate a lot of intrigue. The plot certainly seems to be getting deeper as the show progresses and I am really curious as to how the plot threads they have introduced will come together. This show has a great reputation and so far it is living up to it.

So this concludes my update for week 2 of my anime challenge. i will return next Wednesday with another update. And fear not, I am working on more Weiss Schwarz content and my first anime review in a while (I haven’t forgotten about those). So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!


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