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Summer Anime Challenge Update: Week 4 6-10-15

Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with this week’s update. Over the past week, I have made some noticeable progress on this challenge. To my delight and sadness, I have completed a couple of the series that I had been watching for a good portion of the challenge and have started some new ones. One thing that I have been reminded of during the past few weeks is the contradictory joy and sadness of finishing a series. The joy stemming from coming closer to my goal and the sadness from completing what was a fun and exciting ride. This is heightened by the speed which I am trying to complete the series on my list. I will no longer keep you in suspense, here is this week’s update.


Girls und Panzer     See week 2

Unbreakable Machine Doll     See week 3

The Rolling Girls

This show was interesting to say the least. The series did steadily improve as it went on and the ending was a bit of a surprise. While I don’t regret checking out this series, it also has plenty of flaws to it and certainly wouldn’t crack my top anime list. It has good points for sure, but certainly wouldn’t appeal to everyone. The good news is that the series is only 12 episodes, so it can be easily completed in an afternoon. I would recommend giving the series a try and see if it something you would like.

Tokyo Ravens

This series exceeded any expectations from start to finish. The second half of the series was really exciting and the ending did not disappoint by any means. As a said before, the premise and characters were superbly done and the plot was paced and written. I was excited to complete this series and saddened at the same time with the realization that there weren’t anymore episodes to watch. I certainly have no regrets in including this series on the list. A full review is planned but I fully recommend Tokyo Ravens.

In Progress:

Initial D  Season 1    1 episode

The first episode was certainly entertaining and I will certainly wait until I watch more episodes until I will pass any judgement on the series as a whole. However, I was entertained by the first episode and am looking forward to watching more.

Samurai Champloo   1 episode

A very interesting and cool episode. I am certainly intrigued by this series, If the first episode is any indication then the rest of the series will a cool and interesting ride. I was really impressed by the unique feel of the first episode and hope that trend continues throughout the rest of the series.

Beyond the Boundary   4 episodes

One thing I am starting to notice is that the supernatural genre is one of anime’s strongest, Another entry in said genre, Beyond the Boundary has been mind blowing so far, The series has received a lot of praise and I can see why. I am hard pressed to find any flaw at this point in the series. My hope is that the series will finish just as strong as it has started.

So that concludes this week’s update. Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! See you next time!


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