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Summer Anime Challenge: Week 5 and 6 6-25-15

Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with a long overdue update. I was unfortunately unable to provide an update last week due to being really busy. Because of this, I have decided to provide bi-weekly updates from now on. This will also allow me to provide additional content in the off weeks. So without any further delay, here is the current status update of my challenge!


Girls und Panzer     See week 2

Unbreakable Machine Doll     See week 3

The Rolling Girls  See week 4

Tokyo Ravens See week 4

Beyond the Boundary

There is just one word that one could use to describe this series…awesome! The series was incredibly entertaining from start to finish. This series is certainly what one would call a piece of art from the animation to the storytelling.  The plot was very detailed and well paced, the characters were certainly endearing (especially Mirai) and it avoids most of the pitfalls of a short series. I certainly regret not checking out this series sooner as it has been on m y to watch list for quite some time. A blu ray release was just announced this week and I plan on purchasing it. This series is by far my favorite of the ones on the list and has my highest recommendation.

In Progress:

Initial D  Season 1    1 episode

Really haven’t made any progress on the series, so my thoughts about this one haven’t changed. Sadly I have not gotten around to watching any more episodes of this series.

Samurai Champloo   3 episodes

This series certainly has a unique vibe to it and is certainly entertaining. I will admit I am still getting used to some of the unique qualities to this series. The main cast of characters is pretty cool to watch, the action sequences have been well animated, and the overall style of the series is really cool.  I certainly can see why this series garners so much praise.

Hyperdimension Neptunia  5 episodes

This show has been quite solid so far. I’ll admit I’m not familiar with any of the source material so I can’t judge the series based on that but it has a lot of redeeming qualities. The characters are really a joy to watch, the animation is pretty nice, and the stories have been entertaining. In addition, there are quite a few gaming and geek references in the series as well. The one thing that detracts from the series a bit is that there are stretched with a considerable amount of fan service. Other than that, I really have no complaints about the series so far.

So that concludes this update of my summer anime challenge. The next update will be in two weeks, It is my hope that I will have made considerable progress in that time. Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!




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