Greetings! Railgunfan75 here. It is truly a great feeling when a series or movie which you really enjoy gets a sequel. The news of a continued experience with your favorite characters and settings always leads to great excitement and joy. It also leads to high expectations for the sequel. We wish to continue experiencing the same high that we experienced with the 1st entry.However in many cases the second time around the journey is just not quite the same. One case of this is Log Horizon season 2.

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In Log Horizon Season 2, the adventures of Shiroe, Akatsuki and their companions continue as they discover more secrets to the world of Elder Tale. Along the way, they deal with such issues as sustaining the government that they have established, discover some hints as to the reason they are in this world, and what it feels like to fail in the world of Elder Tale for the first time.


Overall, this season is a bit of a mixed bag. The series still does many things right but falls short in a few key areas which do hurt the viewing experience a bit.

One aspect which is a prime example of the dual nature of the series is the overall plot. In this season we have some amazing stories and we also have an arc which falls below the others in terms of quality. In general the first half of the season is done rather well with our party split up and each facing separate challenges. I enjoyed that the story bounced back and forth between these story arcs as it really kept things fresh. However, the third story arc involving Minori and others on a quest wasn’t as entertaining to watch. While this did help with the world building a bit, this arc did feel like it dragged on for far too long. The final arc of the season was an action filled story with a couple of nice revelations at the end- however this arc did feel a bit rushed and could have been fleshed out more.


Typically second acts or seasons take the opportunity to introduce new major players in the story which will really have an impact on the main cast. Log Horizon doesn’t do this. We do get new characters but in the overall scheme of things, however they don’t change things that drastically. We do get an episode where we find out more about the mysterious Kanami referenced multiple times in season 1 and that was cool but she doesn’t appear again to the very end of the series. We do get a lot of character development with the cast however, and I did like that aspect of it. We get to see these characters fail and grow on multiple occasions and seeing how they handle that was great to watch.

In terms of the series aesthetics, we have a mixed bag. The music and soundtrack are just as amazing in season 2 as it was in season 1. The opening theme “database” carries over from season and since the song is awesome I had no issues hearing the theme again. The ending song “Wonderful Wonder World” is just as good as the ending song from season 1. The music soundtrack has exactly the same feel as the soundtrack from season one and really gives the series a boost.  While the music is still amazing, the animation is pretty lackluster. A new animation studio handled season 2 and the changes to the style and character design are certainly jarring. Season 1 looked like a nice lush game world while the luster and shine are no longer present in the animation in season 2. In addition, the new character designs while new bad, lack the same attention to detail that season 1 had. In addition, the animation and designs are inconsistent especially in the early going. I generally can overlook a less than favorable animation style, but since we took a step back with this season it does bother me.

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Log Horizon Season 2 still maintains a lot of the positive things which propelled season 1 to be great. However, this season does suffer from some changes which hinders the quality of the season.  We receive more adventures with the same characters and these stories overall are entertaining to watch. Not all of the story arcs hit the mark but there are enough good stories in this season to make the season worth watching. While the characters and stories are still entertaining, the facts that the overall aesthetics take a hit with the new animation style and the lack of new major characters into the story do hurt the quality of the season a bit. Because of these reasons, Log Horizon season 2 receives a ranking of Gold.  This season is great for fans of season 1 but won’t do too much to encourage new viewers to the franchise.

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