Greetings! Railgunfan75 here. Bushiroad has started to announce the English releases for the early months of 2016. The first series announced was one which surprised a lot of people, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The Haruhi set is not only one of the oldest in the game but has some of the most interesting cards in the game. As it appears that the release will include a English reprint of the original Japanese set, I thought I would share my thoughts on the trial deck before it releases in the English game. As is always the case, I won’t discuss the vanilla and generic cards and all card images and translations are from

Note: Because it has been announced that the English release will be given a Version E designation, it may be possible that the composition of the trial may not be exactly the same as shown. It is likely that many of these cards will be included in the English release, but since the cards haven’t been announced at the time of this post, it is possible that there will new cards included in the English release. 

Level 0


SY/W08-102   いつもの長門
Normal Nagato

Trait 1: 宇宙人 (Alien)   Trait 2: 本 (Book)

[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, this gains +X power for the turn, where X is 500 times the number of ::Alien:: Characters you have.

This is a nice one turn beater under the right circumstances. One of the characteristics of the Haruhi set is it’s wide variety of traits. Since the deck and set are not all alien characters, this card requires the right deck build to function. A good overall card, it is just not used to it’s full potential in this deck.


SY/W08-T02   両手いっぱいの花束ハルヒ
Haruhi, Hands Full of Bourqet 

Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)

[C] ASSIST All your Characters in front of this gain +500 Power.
[A] [(1)] When your Characters’ Trigger Checks reveal a Climax card, if it has a Salvage icon, you may pay cost. If so, choose 1 of your Opponent’s Front Row Characters whose Level is 1 or lower. Put it in the Waiting Room.

This is a very good assist card particularly for a trial deck. The secondary ability of this card really doesn’t have any downsides. Because the ability activates after the climax goes to stock, the card first lets you immediately pay out a salvage climax if you trigger it. The ability also lets you get rid of any troublesome level 1 characters on your opponents field. This could help get rid of a high powered character or a card which takes part in a climax combo. There is the restriction that you have to run it in a deck with a salvage climax, but since the climax is one of the best types, this downside is minimal. Overall an excellent card.

Since the next two cards combo with each other, both will be discussed.


SY/W08-T13   スイカを食べる長門
Nagato, Eating Watermelon

Trait 1: 宇宙人 (Alien)   Trait 2: スイカ (Watermelon)

[A] CHANGE [(1) Put this in Waiting Room] At the beginning of your Encore Step, if this is Rested, you may pay cost. If so, choose a “Haruhi & Nagato in Swimsuits” in your Waiting Room and put it in the Slot this was in.



SY/W08-T14   水着のハルヒ&長門
Haruhi & Nagato in Swimsuits

Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: 宇宙人 (Alien)

[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage or placed via CHANGE to the Stage, choose 1 of your other Characters. That Character gains “[A] When this is placed from the Stage to the Waiting Room, you may put this in the Rested state in the Slot this was in” for the turn.

This is a really nice change effect. The change requirement occurs during the encore step so the lvl 0 is able to generate the stock for the change. In addition the change target has a really good effect. The ability of giving automatic encore for no cost at all is a really strong effect with a lot of benefits. Such an effect lets you maintain field presence, potentially destroy multiple opposing characters, and the ability to stop level reversers. These are both great cards.

The remaining level 0 cards are 3000 power vanillas and a standard 500 power assist. In general the level zero game is quite good.  The level 0 game offers a bunch of interesting tech including cards which could have use in competitive play.

Level 1

Besides the previously discussed card we have a 1/1 2k counter and two different 5500 vanillas. In any normal deck, it would be a lackluster lineup but in combination with a couple of the previous cards, the level 1 game is manageable. Having access to the backup at level 1, the ability to kill a lvl 1 with the assist and the possibility of instant encore can help the level 1 game survive. However the low power levels of the characters won’t allow you to kill many things. In addition a little more utility would be nice.  It isn’t the greatest lineup and not the strong point of the deck.

Level 2


SY/W08-T16   情報連結解除
Unlink Information

[Counter] Choose 1 Climax card in your Opponent’s Climax Zone and put it in the Waiting Room.

This could be a really devastating card for an opponent. The ability to remove a climax can stop certain combos which rely on the climax being in play to activate an effect (such as an on attack or on reverse combo). In addition the effects from climaxes which give a continuous effect such as a +2 soul climax  are also cancelled once the climax gets removed. At 0 cost and discarding the event as the cost, this effect is really cheap and well worth it. This card could potentially let you survive a turn by cancelling some devastating effects.One funny thing to note about this card is that since the lvl 3 for this deck relies on such an effect, it is a perfect card against another Haruhi deck as well (more on the lvl 3 later).  Overall a very nice event.



SY/W08-101   いつものハルヒ&みくる
Normal Haruhi & Mikuru

Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: 時間 (Time)

[C] You may not put a card from your hand to the Clock in order to draw a card during your Clock Phase.
[A] ENCORE [Discard a Character card from hand to the Waiting Room]

This card is certainly interesting. A card with vanilla power and a form of encore is nice. The ability to maintain field presence is always a nice luxury to have. However such cards typically has some sort of downside to it. While it is an interesting downside, the downside can hurt you at level 2. At level 2, it is still generally an ok idea to clock to maintain your hand size. Having options at any point of the game especially the end game is very important. In addition the encore is discard encore meaning that to keep it alive you are discarding more cards from your hand.  Playing this card effectively accelerates the process of reducing your hand size since you are not gaining 2 cards on each turn and discarding everytime it dies. Since the power level is weak and you are not clocking to add cards, you will likely have to encore a few times with this card. If the encore was clock encore, it would be better. An interesting but a bad card.



SY/W08-T05   ネコミミ ハルヒ
Cat-Eared Haruhi

Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: 動物 (Animal)

[C] If this is in the Front Row Center Slot, this gains +1000 Power.

A 9000 power beater for 1 cost and a minimal requirement is always a nice addition to any deck. There really isn’t too much to say to say about this card except that it is a good card.

Note: Plus the artwork is cute too. 

The remaining level 2 cards are a 9000 vanilla and the card shown below. In general, the level 2 lineup is really strong. There is a lot of interesting tech and cards with nice power levels. This is the level where the deck is clearly meant to shine with cards that have both good offensive and defensive capabilities. Becaude the final level 2 combos with the level 3 card of the deck, both cards with be featured here.


SY/W08-T06   勝利宣言ハルヒ
Victory Declaration Haruhi

Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: 和服 (Yukata)

[A] CHANGE [(1) Put this in Clock] at start of your Encore Step, if this is Rested, you may pay cost. If so, choose 1 “Trouble Girl Haruhi” in your Waiting Room, move it to this Slot.
[S] BRAINSTORM [(3)] Flip over the top 3 cards of your Library and put them in the Waiting Room. Choose a Level X or lower ::Brigade Chief:: Character in your Waiting Room and put it in any Slot, where X = # of ::Brigade Chief:: Characters revealed.


SY/W08-T08   トラブルガール ハルヒ
Trouble Girl Haruhi

Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: 本 (Book)

[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage or placed via CHANGE to the Stage, you may put the top card of your Clock in your Waiting Room.
[A] When this attacks, if “Someday in the Rain” is in the Climax Zone, you may deal 1 damage to your Opponent. (Damage Cancel can occur.)

And for the sake of being complete, here is the climax which combos with the level 3.


SY/W08-T10   サムデイ イン ザ レイン
Someday in the Rain

[C] All your Characters gain +1000 Power and +1 Soul.

I’ll start with the level 2 card. The level 2 card has two really cool effects. The brainstorm effect while expensive to use is a really nice effect. The ability to play a card directly from waiting room to stage is a really nice effect. In addition, the ability actually gains you something even after your deck is out of climaxes. In fact, you hope that you don’t mill a climax using this effect.

The change effect is a really inexpensive and nice effect. I personally like encore step changes for this reason as they tend to be cheaper in cost. Sure the card has to survive the turn and has low power, but side attacking even for 0 damage is worthwhile here because the level 3 change target is a really strong card. The clocking portion of the cost is not harmful either as the level 3 card heals. The change effect is a great reason to run this card.

The level 3 card has two really nice effects. The first is a heal effect either from hand or from the change effect. Healing effects are always great effects especially when they come from a trial deck card. Healing cards are a staple in many decks, especially cards which have additional effects.

The second effect is the climax combo with the comeback climax shown above. This is a really cool late game combo.  It is important to note that because the change occurs at the start of the encore step, the level 3 climax combo cannot be used on the turn that it is played via the change effect.  Also there are cards being printed in newer sets which cancels this ability. Despite those slight downsides, the climax combo is a really good combo. In most cases, the combo will go off without any issues. The combo doesn’t cost any stock, the climax itself is one of the best types in the game, and the conditions required to perform the burn (need the climax and attack) are very easy to meet. Extra attacks or burns are always useful and combine that with a card that heals and can be played at level 2 and you get a really good level 3 card. This 3 card combo is a really good combo.

The climax lineup consists of the gate, a red 2k+1 climax, and a blue +2 soul climax. The climax lineup is a really good climax lineup with each of the climaxes contributing to make the deck function well.

Overall, this is a really good and unique trial deck. There are a lot of excellent cards in the deck and a couple of great combos include. In this deck, you have access to cards with brainstrom effects, change effects, a really good level 0 assist and an excellent lvl 3 card and end game climax combo. The weak point of this deck is the level 1 game but the options at level 2 and 3 make up for this weakness. This deck has my highest recommendation as it includes a lot of great cards. I will note however that this deck would not be the best choice for beginners as there are some advanced techniques at play in this deck. However, if you are a veteran player interesting in dabbling in the Haruhi set, this set has my recommendation.

This concludes my review of the Haruhi Trial deck. It is my hope that you will give the set a try when it releases in the English game in January and I am looking forward to its release as well. Until next time, this is railgunfan75 signing off!

On a final note, I wanted to pass along a special thanks to all of my readers. Because of you this blog has reached a milestone of 50 posts! If it weren’t for the readers of this blog, the blog wouldn’t have reached this milestone. So to all of my readers I say thank you! Thanks for reading my first 50 posts and it is my hope that you will read my next 50. Thank you everyone!