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Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays 1/13/2016: Is Field Flooding Worth Doing?

Greetings fellow Weiss players! This is Railgunfan75 and as promised here is my first Weiss Schwarz Wednesday post! Today I am going to discuss an gameplay strategy which is commonplace amongst new players- Field Flooding.

So what is field flooding? For those of you who are not in the know-field flooding is where a player will fill their entire front row or field over the course of a turn. Typically a player will fill 4 or 5 slots with character cards. This can be in response to an opponents field or a desire to establish a high amount of field presence.


What are the benefits to field flooding? The benefits of this are two fold. The first benefit is that such as strategy allows you to maximize the number of attacks and possible damage during a turn. Since the purpose of the game is to deal 28 damage first, pushing for damage can be a sound strategy. This is especially true when one’s opponent has very few climaxes remaining in a deck with a sizable amount of cards in it. By playing a higher amount of attacking characters in this scenario, you can maximize the amount of guaranteed damage. Being aggressive when your opponent is unable to counter your attack is a sound strategy in any game. This strategy also could work as a last ditch effort if you are near defeat yourself. Pushing for damage via field flooding can sometimes be one’s only chance of achieving victory especially if you have only a small chance of surviving your opponents’ turn.  Such a scenario might allow you to blitz your opponent to level 4 over the course of a single turn pulling victory from the jaws of defeat.

The second benefit to field flooding is the ability to generate high amounts of stock. Because of the game’s mechanics, a player is awarded on multiple levels for attacking (dealing damage and currency generation). By filling the field, this allows to player to generate the maximum amount of stock in a particular turn and the more stock one has, the more options for abilities and characters that can be used on future turns.

However, there are plenty of downsides to consistently playing with a such a strategy. The first of which is that field flooding drastically depletes hand size if done on multiple occasions. Keep in mind that a player is at most guaranteed to add two cards to their hand per turn via the draw and clock steps. Sure that seems like a lot, but consider this. Let’s assume that each turn you only add the typical two cards per turn and don’t gain anything via trigger or brainstorm effects. Let us also assume that each turn, you have zero cards on your center stage. If you play a character on each slot then you are losing 3 cards from your hand. Each time you do this your hand decreases by one. If you play or play over back row characters your hand size will decrease by two or three cards that turn.


Let clarify this a bit. In a worse case scenario you will draw, clock and play a minimum of three cards per turn. By the end of your opponents turn, those three cards have all been defeated and sent to the waiting room. Assuming that you have 7 cards in hand on the 1st turn you decide to use this strategy (playing 3 cards) and gain only the cards from drawing and clocking the cards in hand at the start of the turn look like this:















This is the Worst case scenario as many decks do have ways to increase hand. However, a player can get royally screwed and not receive those benefits resulting in an ever dwindling hand size.

So why is this bad? You did say that attacking three times does have it benefits right? I did say this and such a strategy can be beneficial. However, it does come with risk if done recklessly.


If these are the only cards in your hand, this could lead to trouble.

What problems can be caused by a small hand size? Having a small hand size can cause a chain reaction of issues for the player. (It’s like the path to the dark side speech from Star Wars.) If you have only a few cards in hand this limits your attack options for the turn. There is a good chance that you may have cards in your hand which you can’t play due to a level or color requirement. If this is one of 2 or 3 cards in your hand, it is useless to you as it can’t be used as an attacker. Let’s assume that a player is level 1, has an empty field, has three cards in hand and has the following after clocking: A level 1 character, a climax card and a level 3 character. Out of those three only the level 1 character can be played. Because you can play only one character you can only attack once. Because you only have one attack, you are only generating one and compressing your deck by one. In addition there is a strong possibility of not dealing any damage to your opponent which potentially allows your opponent to win the damage battle.


To have options like this at the end of the, playing smart early is key.

Another issue with this strategy is that this seriously hurts your chances of compressing your deck. Sure you are generating 3 stock at a time, but your are also depleting your hand which means fewer cards out of your deck at refresh and increasing the number of cards potentially in your deck after refreshing. This happens because of the fragile nature of most of the character cards in the game. Very rarely does a card survive multiple turns. (Yes there are encore cards but those either deplete resources or send you closer to death and strictly relying on those for more than a couple of turns can do more harm than good.) Because of this vulnerability the characters played from hand will generally end up in the waiting room within a turn or two and these cards go from the waiting room back into the deck when refreshing occurs. It is simple, the higher amount of character cards you send to the waiting room could potentially become damage later. If your opponent managed his/her resources correctly and you didn’t, they could potentially deal more to you than you can deal to them.

What is the verdict? There are good arguments to be made both for and against doing this. However, this strategy is only worth doing under certain scenarios. If a player has prepared for doing so, has the means to maintain such a strategy, or needs it as a last resort then yes it can work. However, this is not a sound strategy most of the time as it generally leads to more harm than good for the player.It is my opinion that such a strategy should be used sparingly and with caution.

So there you have it- the first post in my weekly series is now complete. What are your opinions om this topic or my blog in general. Any feedback is welcome, so please leave a comment down below. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!


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