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Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays (Thursday): The Power of the Waifu Decks (Plus a Special Announcement)

Greetings! I apologize for not posting last week as an illness prevented me from completing this post. And yes today is Thursday not Wednesday but better late than never.  For this week’s installment of Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays I thought I would discuss the topic of Waifu or fan builds- a fitting topic with Valentine’s day last weekend. The Waifu or fan build is one of those things which divides the Weiss community a bit. The most hard core players generally look down on these deck types due to the fact that they are generally less competitive than other builds. Other people tend to favor these builds as showing off their waifu brings them great satisfaction. There is a reason for the statement “waify build is the best build.”For this week’s installment of Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays I will be briefly discussing my thoughts concerning waifu builds.


Every Waifu deck needs a SP if available- the source of waifu pride

In general, I am of the belief that the idea of the waifu build is a great one for the game. The concept of the waifu or the fan build is one that is unique to Weiss Schwarz and one aspect which is a huge draw for players. I personally got started with the game because I heard there was the Fate/Zero set with one of my favorite characters, Saber. The idea of the card combining many different series and universes together I thought was cool. The idea of potentially making a deck centered around that character appealed to me even more. It is a cool way to settle those fun yet common debates of who would win in a battle. In addition it provides players with an additional possible format. There are shops which do waifu based tournaments as an alternative to standard tournament play.



An affordable option from the trial deck for a Rin deck

Another way that waifu builds benefit the game is that these builds can provide a more affordable alternative to someone who wishes to invest in the game, In many sets, the “competitive” or “meta” build can in be quite pricey as many of a sets top cards are usually in high demand. Cards in waifu builds because they use cards which fill a very niche roll are generally in less demand and therefore are more affordable. This is a good thing because an affordable means of playing the game will draw in more people including those who maybe on a budget. We all want this game to game to grow and the lower cost of the waifu builds can be a means of drawing new players in.


A good way to demonstrate how passionate people are about their waifus

Finally, Waifu decks can be a uniting force within the Weiss community. We are all anime fans right? The Waifu deck truly allow us to have fun with the game and have something in common with fellow players. It is a way via a game to show who we think is the best. How does this make Waifu decks a uniting force? Waifu decks while they can cause extreme debates and competition among hard core players can also bring people together and strengthen the community.  The game has been a great way to start conversations with people based off of the decks being played. Many of these conversations are centered around not the game but the series or the characters itself.In some cases, debates can begin over who is best girl or one can meet a fellow fan. Either way this is not something you hear with many other games.

So concludes this installment of Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays. Hopefully this post has convinced you to give a waifu build a try.If you have a question or thoughts concerning a future post for Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays leave it in the comments below.  I am almost finished with my first anime review of 2016, Charlotte. The review will be posted soon.

On another side note, today marks the 2 year anniversary of the creation of this blog. I am excited that this blog has reached this milestone and am looking forward to hopefully reaching the 3 year mark providing you with content. I have said this many times but I will say this again… thank you to everyone who has read, commented, and followed my content. Thank you. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off- see you next week for more Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays!


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