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Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays: 2-22-2016: Set Release Update Part 1: Japanese Weiss

Greetings! For this week’s Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays feature, I will be briefly discussing some notable releases for the first half of 2016. Bushiroad has announced their plans for the first half of this year for both the English and Japanese games. There have been some exciting releases already this year including a new Love Live extra booster, Monogatari, and Puyo Puyo in Japanese and Haruhi  being released in English. 2016 for the game of Weiss has been interesting so far and there is more cool stuff to come. There has been quite a bit of stuff announced so it would take a while to discuss all of them. Instead I will highlight a few set announcements for each game. First for the Japanese announcements and release dates. Next week, I will be discussing the English releases.



To Love Ru Darkness 2nd Vol 2 Booster  3/11/2016

One of the games strongest sets gets additional support with a second full booster. Tu Love Ru players and fans rejoice while the rest of the Weiss community worries about what additional tech will be added to this already strong set. It is a bit surprising that the set got a full booster and it will be interesting to see what the new set brings to table. In many cases 2nd sets like this one usually opens the possibilities for new deck types such as the last Kantai booster. Even though I am not a player of this set myself, I am curious to see what other tools will be given to this set. Another game ending option has already been leaked for the set which should lead to more consistency. If the set does improve further, then perhaps we may see Tu Love Ru make its way onto the ban list.

Power Up Sets  3/25/2016

log horizon power up image

With what could be the spiritual successors to the comeback campaigns, Weiss players will be introduced to a new merchandise bundle. Including card sleeves, a deck box, storage box, and 4 copies of 8 new cards. Log Horizon, Clannad, and Idolmaster (which will be getting 2- one red and one blue) will be getting new support with these new cards. Early leaks of these cards look promising as it seems like these cards might provide the missing pieces that these sets need. One of the reasons that I enjoy this game is the fact that Bushiroad makes an effort to update older sets to keep them viable. This may not change the meta but fans of these series should be excited for these new sets.


Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 2nd Season Booster  4/22/2016

A sequel to this fine standalone set (Cinderella Girls was not compatible with other Idolmaster sets), Cinderella Girls offered players with a great tool set that can compete with many of the top sets. While not as dominating as some other sets Cinderella Girls has proven to be a strong contender in tournaments and a popular set among fans. With an English release of the first set also coming this spring, Cinderella Girls should be getting a lot of attention in the Weiss community over the next few months.

This concludes Part 1 of my set announcement discussion. There are other set announcements for this year for the English game which will be discussed next week.  If you have any thoughts about these please leave them in the comments below. For more of my content please check out the other site I write for Mad Maz Reviews (madmazreviews.com ). For updates follow me on Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog) and Twitter (@Railgunfan75) So until next week, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!


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