It’s that time again fellow Weiss players! I have a quick announcement to make. I’ve decided to change Weiss Schwarz Wednesdays to Weiss Schwarz Weekly. This minor tweek is just in case I can’t post on Wednesdays. My goal is to post every Wednesday but there might be some weeks where that might not be possible such as this one. This week I have for you part 2 of my set release update for 2016. This week I will be discussing the English releases for the 1st half of 2016. So without any further delay let’s get started!

March 18th   Idolmaster Cinderella Girls   TD, Booster Meister Set


So this appears to the Spring of Idolmaster. With releases in both English and Japanese, this will likely be the trending set for the next few months. This set made a brief splash in the Japanese meta before taking a back seat to other sets. Because the English Meta has far fewer sets, I can see this set making a bigger impact on the English Meta. The set does have some additional tools compared to what we usually see coming to English. While I am not a fan of the Idolmaster anime nor do I plan on investing in this set, I am excited for it’s release because I am curious about what will happen with the English game. At the very least it is cool to get another new series in the English game. Plus the Meister sets are really cool for any Idolamster fan- be sure to check it out.

April 27th Fate/ Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Vol II  TD, Booster Meister Set


English players will not get all of the card options for the Unlimited Blade Works sets. The set allows players the opportunity to build a couple of new deck types and has a few awesome card combos. Newcomers to the Fate sets will want to start elsewhere (perhaps with the first UBW booster) as the the set really has a lot of complimentary pieces to round off builds or to make certain builds more viable. A great addition for Fate players for sure especially if you have invested in the other English Fate sets. This set won’t drastically change Fate’s place in the English meta but it will give players options for more consistent play. I am certainly excited for this release. This release will include a Meister set as well which is an additional bonus. It will be an exciting release for sure.

May 6th The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Extra Booster


Haruhi fans can rejoice as they now have access to the full slate of cards (minus the banned event of course). The Haruhi Extra Booster provides a few remaining pieces to the infamous alien build and adds a couple of new tech cards to other decks. However, don’t expect Haruhi to shoot up to the top of the Meta because of this release. I am personally excited to have full access to all of Haruhi’s tools personally. I am excited to see how many players will give the alien build a try. It seems like English Haruhi sold well so hopefully more players will give the set a  try with the Extra Booster release. I certainly plan to invest in this extra booster.

So there you have it! Part two of this series is not complete. Overall it should be an interesting couple of months going forward. At the time of this post, Nisemonogatari had just been released in English so that is why it was mentioned here. Though I am excited to see more support for that set, the more sets we receive the better! What did you think about this post or upcoming releases? Please comment below. Also please follow me on twitter (@Ralgunfan75), Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog), for updates and more! Finally, please check out Mad Maz Reviews for more of my content and additional content and reviews by my good friend Maz. He posts a lot of great content so please check it out. Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! See ya!