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Weiss Schwarz Weekly 3-15-16: Set Release Update

Greetings! So after I posted my set release info for the English game last time, there were two big announcements for set releases which came to my attention and I thought I would share those with you this week. One release is in English and the other is for the Japanese game. So without any further delay…let’s get started!

Sword Art Online II Vol 2 Extra Booster     May 27th

English SAO players can finally rejoice as the set will finally receive it’s full arsenal of tools. With the addition of Yuuki, decks which run green became quite viable. The extra booster includes additional game ending options, and updated version of the Asuna invites to party combo and a nice brainstormer/assist. As extra boosters go, this set added quite a bit to the tool set for SAO. This will be a welcome release in the English game.

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Zwei Herz    May 20th

The Illya has always been a set which had great potential and a decent set of tools considering it was comprised of 2 extra boosters. The third set is slated to be the sets first full booster (which is an interesting choice considering the content of that season of the anime). It would be cool to see what a full booster could do to this set. Since each extra booster set up for a particular deck type, I wouldn’t be surprised if set 3 does the same thing. Maybe we will receive the final pieces to complete the gem deck?  Either way a full booster should hopefully get the set things it needs such as game ending options which don’t require a 3 or 4 card combo, stronger brainstorm effects and a more powerful mid game. Time will tell what this set will bring but as an Illya player, I am excited for this release.

This concludes this week’s Weiss Schwarz Weekly post. Hopefully you are as excited for these set releases as I am. If you wish to comment on the set releases or whether you like these posts or not, please like and comment below. If you wish to see more of my content, please check out MadMaz Reviews (madmazreviews.com) for more awesome content. Also please follow me on twitter (@Railgunfan75) and on Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!





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