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Railgunfan75’s Winter 2016 Anime Recommendations

Greetings! Railgunfan75 here. The Winter anime season just recently completed and while this season wasn’t the best in recent memory, there are some great series being aired this season. I thought I would share with you a few of my picks for what to watch this season.

Fairy Tail Zero

Fairy Tail Zero

As the Fairy Tail anime catches up with the manga, we receive this side story also based off a manga chronicling the events which lead up to the founding of the guild. Fans of Fairy Tail will get more out of this than non-fans but this story really has been entertaining to watch. Fans get to see some of the history of the Fairy Tail universe and non fans get a nice point of introduction into the universe. The “main character” of Mavis is just an amazing and complex character and the story arc really has a nice mix of dramatic and comedic moments. A very good anime entry this season.



This series received a lot of hype within the first few weeks of it’s premier and the series is certainly worth the hype. A very intriguing mystery which does a great job of setting up the premise and introducing the characters.From early on you care about the characters involved and hope for a successful and happy conclusion to the series. This series could easily go down as being the overhyped series of the season but so far it lives up to it’s billing. The drama is not cheesy by any stretch and the mystery behind the plot is a very intriguing one. Also the series has a great ending which leaves very few questions unanswered. It is hard to find any major flaws with this series and this easily could be one of the best anime of the year.



This one shouldn’t be a huge surprise as season 1 made my list of top anime of 2015 but season 2 really ramps things up. Things take a much more dramatic turn in this season’s episodes with some of the characters finding themselves in much more dangerous situations.The plot builds to an amazing climax and along the way we get to find out more background information concerning the characters. One of the things that the series did well in season 1 was world building and this continues in season 2. Watching season 1 is a necessity to understand the events of this season, but thus is certainly worth your time to do so. This is a great action/fantasy series and I recommend that you check it out.


Dimension W

It is difficult to describe this series in a concise matter and in this case, that is a good thing. This series so far has really been a very cool series to watch and a complex one as well. The process of world building is very well done in the early episodes, the characters are very fun to watch, the animation is gorgeous and there is a cool opening theme song. It is clear from the beginning that a complex tale will be told with this series as we have gotten many different elements introduced so far. Even the idea of a main character who hates the technology which has reshaped the world and fights using a very old school method is a great one. This is another series with a lot of positive and very few negatives.



Based off the marketing for this series, I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it. This series looked like it was going to be a typical fantasy harem series. While it does have a few components of this genre, Konosuba is more accurately a very funny exploration of the fantasy/game genre. Each character has their own quirk and these quirks while used repeatedly don’t get old. Instead of the characters being super powered, the characters are actually quite inept and face many challenges.. This is approached in a very hilarious manner with characters who are all crazy in their own way. In addition to great characters the series also has a plot which is ridiculous that you don’t care about the things which don’t make sense. It is really a satire of series like SAO and Log Horizon. In a season with a lot of great and serious shows, Konosuba is a nice pallet cleanser and a fun entertaining watch if you want to just sit back and get a few laughs. Who can overdose on the awesomeness of Megumin’s EXPLOSION? No one.

There are other great series airing this season as well, there is just not enough time to feature them all. Hopefully, you will be inspired to check out these series. I hope to do another post for each season going forward. What do you think of these series? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoy my content, please check out my twitter page (@Railgunfan75) and my other site (railgunfan75.wordpress.com) for exclusive content. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!


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