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Weiss Schwarz Weekly 4-1-16 : Deck BuildingTips- Climax Combos


Greetings! Railgunfan 75 here with this weeks installment of Weiss Schwarz Weekly! I apologize for no post last week as I had a bust week so posting was difficult. This week I will be providing some tips concerning using Climax Combos in your decks.

Climax Combos can be a very useful tool if utilized properly. How useful these can be really depends on a few things. The first is the set that you are playing. Some sets such as Illya rely on Climax combos to function at all while other sets such as Index really don’t need any climax combos to do their thing. If you are running a set whose meta build doesn’t rely on a climax combo then incorporating one can actually be harmful to the deck itself. In turn not running a key climax combo in a set which is centered around one can be hinder your deck’s performance. This is one of many cases where doing a little bit of research before building a deck can be key.

A second factor to consider is the climax card used in the combo. Because the climax card has another role to play in a deck- the possibility of an additional trigger during the battle step, the trigger needs to be taken into consideration as to whether you should use the combo or not. For example, a card which combos with a comeback climax is usually going to be a better play option than a card which combos with a plus 2 soul climax in many cases.

WSE_SY_W08_E023_CR                      WSE_SY_W08_E075_CC

The comeback climax provides a little extra utility in a deck because it allows you to retrieve a character from your hand. The plus 2 soul climax while useful itself can’t increase your hand size and in turn increases the likelihood of a damage cancel occurring. Since maintaining hand size is always key to success in Weiss, the comeback climax is typically seen as the better play.

The third thing to consider is the character card and what the combo does. What does the character do if you use the combo? Does this card combo help you achieve your goals for the deck? To answer these questions you first need to determine some things concerning your deck such as your overall game plan for the deck. You need to consider whether you wish to try to win the game at level 1 or level 3, whether you are looking at to have options to add to your hand size or have plenty of options to manipulate your deck.  Let’s take a look at a couple of different types of combos.

fs-s36-048             fs-s36-071

[C] If you have 3 or more other Characters with either “Rin” and/or “Archer” in name, this gains +1000 Power.
[A] When the Battle Opponent of this becomes Reversed, if “Mischievous Smile” is in your Climax Zone, you may choose a Character in your Waiting Room and return it to your hand.

fs-s36-050      fs-s36-070

The first of these combos intends to serve as a late game setup by providing another search option in a deck. The second combo is intended to aid the player in achieving victory with extra damage. In an ideal situation you would be running both types of combo is any deck. The progression between the level one and the level 3 combo is quite natural. You use the first combo to get an endgame character and you use the second to end the game. However, you could choose to only run search or damage combos. These two types of combos are pretty common in many sets and the choice of what to include really depends on your play style. Choose your combos based off your play style. If the combo doesn’t fit what you intend to achieve in a deck then don’t include it.

Hopefully this information will be useful to you when you are building your decks. Before I conclude with this post, here are a few more quick tips:

1). Don’t put too many climax combos into a deck- limit the number of combos to 2 or 3 unless multiple cards combo with the same climax. 

The number of 2 climax combos seems to be the magic number by experience tho three in the right deck can work as well. A deck which runs more tends to be more inconsistent in terms of how it functions. Keep in mind that you do need to have both the character card and the climax in hand to pull off any combo. Including too many combos makes the decision making process harder and increases the likelihood of an useless hand.  In terms of the character cards, if all of your character cards rely on a climax combo but you don’t draw the climax then the cards tend to be dead plays from you hand. Limiting the number of combos in a deck ensures that you can still have productive plays if you don’t have a climax in hand.

2). When running a climax combo including 3-4 copies of the climax is best. 

Running 3-4 copies of both cards and making sure you only run a couple of climax combos is key to ensure that you can consistently get the cards in hand. By running these numbers, you are increasing your odds of drawing into what you need. If the combo is essential to how the deck functions, then you want to maximize the odds of getting the cards you need. There aren’t many ways to add climaxes to your hand besides drawing them. Having only one of a climax needed for a combo makes it next to impossible to draw the climax consistently. Weiss is a game about odds and luck and running 3-4 of a climax will increase the odds of getting what you need.

3). Don’t be afraid to use Gate or Gold Bar Climaxes

fs-s36-046                fs-s36-099

One of the things which can scare a player from running a climax combo is the fact that the climax has to be in your hand verses your deck to work. The gold bar and gate climaxes are even more intimidating because the point of the triggers is to add climaxes to your hand. The hardest part of executing a climax combo is getting the climax card in your hand as I said previously. The gold bar is a great climax for combos as it has a great chance of getting itself in hand with the trigger. The gate climax (blue) has double potency as it can retrieve another copy of itself or another climax needed for a combo. These things do need to be used with a bit of caution because you don’t want 6 climaxes in hand but if you are able to get the one climax which can help your game, then the rewards are well worth the risk. If cards combo with these climax types, I recommend giving them a shot.

So that concludes this installment of Weiss Schwarz Weekly! If you have any thoughts concerning this topic or Weiss Schwarz please comment down below. Also please comment if there is a topic you would like to see me discuss. For some future content, I have just ordered a copy of the special Shiyuko set, so once it arrives I will be doing a deck review. In addition more deck profiles and TD and booster reviews will be coming. If you wish to see more of my content, please follow me on twitter (@Railgunfan75) and Facebook (Railgunfan’s Geek Blog). Also please check out Mad Maz Reviews (madmazreviews.com) for more of my content and reviews of tv, movies and anime by the sites’s founder Maz. He has plenty of great content on there so check it out. Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!


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