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Weiss Schwarz Weekly: Log Horizon Set Review- Blue

Greetings! Railgunfan 75 here with another Weiss set review. Since I have discussed both the Power Up set and Trial Deck for the Log Horizon set, I figured I should tackle the extra booster as well. Since set reviews tend to be quite lengthy, I have decided to split this and any future set reviews up by color. This will allow me to post more often and hopefully make the set reviews easier to read. The Log Horizon EB consuts of 50 cards, 25 red and 25 blue. This time I will be discussing some of the Blue cards while next time I will tackle the Red cards. As usual all images and translations are from heartofthecards.com and since this set has been released in English, you can also check out ws.tcg.com/en for information on the English cards.So let’s begin!



Trait 1: 武器 (Weapon)
Trait 2: コック (Cook)

[A] When your other Character with either ::Weapon:: and/or ::Magic:: attacks, this gains +1000 Power.
[A] [(1) Discard a card from hand to the Waiting Room] At the start of your Climax Phase, you may pay cost. If so, choose 1 of your Opponent’s Characters, Stand that Character and move it to another empty Slot on your Opponent’s Stage, and this gains +1000 Power for the turn.

This card has two decent abilities. The first allows the card to sit at over 9000 power on attack. This is an ok effect especially if your opponent has level 1 characters on the field. Against level 3’s this won’t do much however. The card’s second ability can be really disruptive in certain matchups including another Log Horizon deck. This card enables you to be able to remove pesky backrow characters from the game and can enable a couple of other card’s effects. One major drawback is that there has to be an empty slot on your opponents field. If your opponent has walled up or not lost any characters when they attacked then this card really can do nothing. A decent card but a very inconsistent one.

Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative



Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)
Trait 2: メガネ (Glasses)

[C] You do not take Damage from your Opponent’s Characters’ [A] effects.
[C] ASSIST All your Characters with either ::Weapon:: and/or ::Magic:: in front of this gain +X Power. X = 1000 times Level of that Character.
[A] [(1) Rest this] During your turn, when the Battle Opponent of your other Character becomes Reversed, if this is Standing, you may pay cost. If so, choose 1 of your Characters in battle, and that Character gains the following ability until the next end of your Opponent’s turn: “[C] Character Opposite this gets -2 Soul.”

This card is one of the reasons that you want to play this set, period. You have a combination of three effects which make for an insane card. This card can win you games by preventing damage done to you with 2 of the effects and with the third can potentially stop on reverse effects. This card can really give your opponent fits especially if you are playing sets like Nisekoi, Girlfriend Betas and to a lesser extent Tu Love Ru. This card alone is strong, however it makes the other level 3s better as well. Yes level 3 assists have a limited scope of effectiveness as they are usually only on the field for a couple of turns, but this card makes the most out of those turns.

Shiroe, Full Control Encounter



Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)
Trait 2: メガネ (Glasses)

[C] During your Opponent’s turn, your other Character in the Front Row Center Slot gains +1000 Power.
[S] BRAINSTORM [(1) Rest this] Flip over the top 4 cards from top of your Library and put them in the Waiting Room. For each Climax card revealed this way, draw up to 1 card.

The sets only brainstormer before the Power up set release, this card was one of the few ways to increase hand size. Draw brainstorms are generally amongst the weakest types but in a set which has few plussing options- this card fulfills that role pretty well.In addition the 1K power buff to front center on the opponents is a nice effect and can prove to be useful. A decent card but certainly out classed by the brainstormer in the power up set.

Shiroe, Two’s Waltz



Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)
Trait 2: メガネ (Glasses)

[C] If there are 4 or more cards in your hand, this gains +1500 Power.
[A] ENCORE [Put the top card of your Library in Clock]

One of the level 1 staples in the set. Essentially a zero cost 5500 beater with clock encore, this card works great to sustain field from level 1 to level 3.The condition is very easy to meet unless you are reckless with how many characters you play.The zero cost is a real selling point here as the set needs a lot of stock to be successful at level 3 so not playing costed characters is a must. I will concede that the max power for this card is a little low and you will be encore this character a fair amount. However, with the counters available it is possible to not have to encore this card every turn but it is a noticeable downside. This card is certainly worth consideration especially with the fact that the set is relatively small and there are not as many options as most sets.

Nyanta, Log Horizon



Trait 1: 武器 (Weapon)
Trait 2: コック (Cook)

[A] [(1) Put this in the Waiting Room] When your other Character becomes Front Attacked, you may pay cost. If so, return that Character to hand.
[S] [Rest 2 of your ::Magic:: Characters] This may Side Attack this turn without Soul Penalty.

This card is certainly interesting. Field counters are always a nice addition. They can give you an option to pay out a stock if necessary on an opponents’ turn and takes a character which will usually get killed and allow them to live. This one has a bit of a twist with the effect of returning the character to hand. I like this better than the power based counters since it can effectively save a character no matter the power difference. (Also of note, the front attack stays a front attack so you don’t have to worry about taking extra sould damage.)In general this is a cool effect. The second ability is interesting but since all of the brainstormers rest themselves, this conflicts with those cards a bit. A solid card though with other cards in this set, it will likely not be used to it’s maximum potential.

Naotsugu, Reliable Partner



Trait 1: 武器 (Weapon)
Trait 2: None

[A] When this becomes Reversed in Battle, your Opponent may draw a card. If so, your Opponent discards a card from his or her hand to the Waiting Room.

This is one of the few beaters that the set has and to be honest I would skip playing this card. One cost 7500 beaters are quite formidable but this card’s downside is too bad to warrant consideration. Many downsides can be played around or only have a minor effect. This downside allows your opponent to tailor their hand which can be a much bigger deal than resting a character or even taking an extra damage. This is made worse by the fact that this can be killed easily by a level 1 reverser. There aren’t many beater options in this set but I still wouldn’t recommend running this card.

Naotsugu, Guardian


Trait 1: 武器 (Weapon)
Trait 2: None

[C] For each of your other Characters with either ::Weapon:: and/or ::Magic::, this gains +500 Power.

This is the second blue level 3 and a good card in my opinion. This card has a rare card effect Bodyguard (Or Great performance in English). For those who are unaware, this effect turns any attack against any of your characters into a front attack against this card if it is in the front center stage. With the card’s power effect and the Shiroe assist discussed earlier, this card can sit about 14500 power which is a very high amount of power. As you will see when the red cards are discussed, this card does conflict a bit with the red level 3 so that does hinder the play ability a bit but it is still a nice card to include in a deck at 1 to 2 copies.

In general blue has some solid options for use in a competitive deck. The level 3 Shiroe and the brainstormer in particular would be two reasons to include blue in the deck. We also have some intriguing options with the Nyanta as well. Overall there are some good cards here in this color.

This concludes part 1 of my Log Horizon set review. Next time I will be discussing the red cards in the set. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the content on this blog, please comment below. Also if you enjoy this site and it’s content please follow the blog on Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog and Twitter (@Railgunfan75). So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. See ya!











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