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Weiss Schwarz Japanese Set Release News- Late Summer/Fall 2016

Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with another update of set announcements. Since I did my last set of release posts back in Feb/ March a handful of sets have come out and new ones have been announced.For the Japanese game the first part of the year had a lot of sets which boosted previous releases. Illya, Milky Holmes, Monogatari,  Log Horizon, and Clannad all got significant boosts from releases. We also got new properties added including Rinne, Osomatsu-san , Puyo Puyo, and School Girl Strikers.  These new properties while be solid sets really haven’t shaken the game too much. In general 2016 for Weiss has kind of been a good year if you were looking to boost and old set but an average one of you are looking for a new property to get excited about. Over the next few months we have an interesting slate of new sets being released for the Japanese game. With this post, I would like to discuss upcoming releases for the late summer/fall season of 2016. So let’s get started!


8/20 Is this order a Rabbit? Trial deck and Booster

The 1st set on the list looks like it could be an exciting set. I’ll admit I checked out the anime series after the set announcement and Rabbit is a great anime. I am excited that it is getting a Weiss set. Early previews for this have shown good things including multiple viable deck types being possible including Chimno and friends, Sharo and Chiya, and the girls from Rabbit House. So far we have not seen anything revolutionary but the set does appear to have the tools to be successful. Bushiroad has always made sets on the Weiss side just a touch more powerful than the Schwarz sets and it appears that the trend might continue with this set. Plus the anime itself is just adorable so the set will be worth it just for that reason.


9/2/2016 Accel World Infinite Burst Booster

The release of the new movie meant more content for fans and a new weiss set. As an owner of an Accel World deck, I was excited to hear this announcement. This set was my first Japanese build and it  did some good things back in the day. However, today it really can’t compete with many sets. The hope is that with the new set, Accel World can be competitive again. Accel World needs some tools such as an updated endgame, better assists and some more utility in it’s early game.  Sadly, early previews for the set don’t look too promising. This is a shame really as the series is popular (In some ways the series was better than SAO). It’s understandable that all sets can’t be insanely strong but let’s hope that the set can make Accel World relevant again. We will find out in early September.


9/16/2016 Love Live Sunshine Trial Deck

11/25/2016 Love Live Sunshine Booster Box

I know what you are all thinking- why are we getting more Love live? Well it is important to note that this set will not be playable with previous Love Live sets. This is both nice and a shame. The bad thing about Sunshine being a standalone set is that Love Live despite having a large card pool is still missing a few pieces which keeps it from being an elite set. Maybe one more set could have fixed this. The positives  about this being a standalone set are that it could potentially open up the door for new players to join the game without the intidimation factor of a card pool which constists of hundreds of cards and it doesn’t have to worry about tying into a new set. The anime itself is amazing and I’m sure this set will be popular.


9/16/2016 Kiznaiver Trial Deck

9/30/2016 Kiznaiver Booster Box

I wasn’t surprised when this set was announced. This is one of the most talked about anime of the year and the anime was quite well done. I am curious if Bushiroad will be able to come up with a new gimmick or mechanic based on the the themes of the series and if they do, it could be quite an interesting set. Some mechanic where the characters are connected such as linked power or soul boost perhaps? Previews should be starting within a few weeks of this post and I will be keeping an eye on this set for sure.

So this concludes my discussion of upcoming set releases. I should note that there is a new Da Capo set coming out in October but there haven’t been too many details that I could find, so I can’t really discuss this is detail at this time. Overall, we have a bunch of interesting releases here. It is nice to see that we are getting some new stand alone sets coming up. While I have enjoyed improving some of my older decks, having new sets that I’m interested in has pumped up my interest a bit in the game.

So what do you think about the upcoming releases? If you have any thoughts please comment below. If you enjoy my content please follow me on Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog) and Twitter (@Railgunfan75) Also if you are a Weiss player who lives in the Milwaukee, WI or surrounding area and are looking for fellow players please contatc me on my Facebook of join the Weiss Schwarz Milwaukee group page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/863358007033534/. If you are an anime fan who lives in the area, you are welcome to join our anime group Anime fans of SE Wisconsin at https://www.facebook.com/groups/332476666943094/. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!



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