Greetings! Railgunfan 75 here with some big news coming out of Japan for Weiss Schwarz! Two more upcoming sets releases were announced. The title of this post doesn’t lie. Multiple sources including the Weiss Schwarz twitter page have confirmed that Star Wars will be joining Weiss Schwarz in some form. We don’t know the specifics as of yet, it was just announced that a set of some kind is coming. This is big news whether the set is ever released in English or not. One thing that I have noticed is that Weiss Schwarz was kind of missing a draw to bring in those who aren’t die hard card game players. The game has been great for drawing in anime fans but this could be a move which spreads it’s fan base considerably. The likelihood of the set coming to English is remote but even a Japanese release could draw some people in. Even though I don’t post a lot of content on this site, I am a huge fan of the Star Wars so the possibility of two of my biggest interests getting combined is just amazing.

IMG_0724The second announcement is not quite as game changing but still is exciting for me and fans of the series. Yes, Re:Zero is getting a weiss set. If there was one anime which I really wanted a Weiss set from this year it was this one. Card supplies had popped up online and preorders for the Choas TCG have popped up already so I was surprised to see this announced. Since this series is likely on everyone list of top anime this year and is immensely popular, the set should sell well. I certainly will invest in this set regardless of how good it turns out to be. I will be curious as well to see how they incorporate the time travel element in this set.  Let’s hope we get good things from this set.

Thanks to the Top Tier Tears and Plus2Soul Facebook Pages for breaking this news and translations for the tweet. Please check them out as they have great content!

That concludes this exciting news. You can find a link to my source (Thanks to the Kitakubu blog for passing on this info to everyone on the web) on my twitter page (@Railgunfan75) and Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). So what do you think about this news? Please comment below. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! Now to find some place where I can calm down from this excitement!