Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with some news concerning the recently announced and much talked about Star Wars set. Since the news  of the upcoming set release, the internet and social media has been abuzz about the release. Over the past few days however, there has been some news passed around which is disheartening for those of who play outside of Japan.


The first bit of news while unsurprising is still a shame to hear. As many expected, the Star Wars release will be a Japanese exclusive release. I’m not entirely surprised by this news but this does give a huge blow for the English game. The language barrier on many of the big sets is a big deterrent for some players and having this set available in English would have brought in a lot of players. The reason for this set being Japanese only is simple.  A different company holds the license for Star Wars games in the U.S. Because of that we will never see an English release unless the licensing rights change which is very unlikely to happen.

This issue also leads to another potential roadblock with purchasing the set. That roadblock will be availability outside of the Japan. Multiple shops in the U.S. have already passed on the news that because of the license issue they will be unable to order and sell the set in the U.S. In addition shops from Japan such as Amiami who typically will sell to buyers outside of Japan are not allowed to sell the set either. Sadly this might lead to people who realize the demand selling the cards and sealed product for an inflated price meaning that likely the set will be really expensive to get a hold of.

These developments are not surprising but still disappointing. I figured that the set would be in high demand and would be a difficult buy considering it’s popularity. However to hear that acquiring the set outside of Japan might be next to impossible is just disappointing. I know some people who might of tried the game out because of that set. Telling them that the set will be likely be difficult to get or  be expensive to buy diminishes the chances of getting people into the game.

10393265bAt the end of the day, Weiss Schwarz is game which involves licensed properties and there is a lot which goes into getting your favorite series input into the game and bringing those sets into the English game. While I’m disappointed I understand that there are things which may prevent sets being available here in the U.S. I will still support this game as I just started building my Is the order a rabbit decks and am anxiously awaiting further details on the Re: Zero release.  This is a great game with a devoted fanbase that only requires as much of an investment as you are willing to put into it. I hope that if you haven’t yet that you try this game. Now if you will excuse me, time for me to look at deck lists!

Update 2/7/2017  Despite this set not being available through American distributors, the Japanese site Amiami does have the trial decks and booster packs available for preorder and they do ship outside Japan! Here is the site address . The Trial deck and the Booster Pack will be released on March 31, 2017. 

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