Greetings! Railgunfan75 here! I like many other fans out there had their mind blown by last years One Punch Man. When it was announced earlier this year that there was going to be another series by the creator of One Punch Man I was certainly excited to see what the new series was going to be about. A few weeks ago Mob Psycho 100 premiered to much anticipation. It is no surprise that the series has been discussed a lot this season.Based on the hype and the interesting trailer, I decided to check this series out.  So what do I think of the first few episodes of Mob Psycho 100? Read on to find out.


Premise (from Wikipedia)

Kageyama Shigeo is an average middle school boy, called Mob (モブ means John Doe) for lacking a sense of presence. Although he seems like an inconspicuous person, he is in fact a powerful Esper. As he grows older, Mob realizes his psychic power is dangerous. To avoid his power getting out of control, he constantly lives a life under emotional shackle. Mob wants to live just like others, but a barrage of trouble comes to him. With the suppressed emotions growing inside Mob little by little, his power threatens to spill over its bounds.


As the main character, our Protagonist Mob while bland in terms of personality (for good reason I must add) is really a likeable guy for the most part. He possesses great power but is very conscience of what misusing his power can actually do. He is not out to show off his power and that is an endearing quality about him. He also is a little naive to some things that go on around (like the fact that his mentor is a complete fraud) but that also lends itself to some great moments. The other characters are interesting as well.  Some examples include Mob’s mentor Reigen is hilarious as he uses different bizarre ways to help his clients and spirit Dimple who while devious has some great moments himself.

Mob_Psycho_100. (2)jpg

The plot of the series in the early going does what it can to world build and give insights into the series characters. There are threads of a bigger plot being shown in the early episodes but the early episodes all have good stories on their own. There are great moments from the beginning and the series just gets better as the episodes progress. I can’t really find any major issues in the early going.

The music and animation contribute nicely to the series. The animation is certainly one of the most intriguing aspects of the show. The style changes constantly based off what is happening in the plot. It switches from an ultra detailed style to some shots which are basically just a black and white sketch. The style did change from time to time in One Punch Man, but Mob Psycho 100 takes this idea to another level. It is of note that the battle scenes are amazingly animated and are just plain epic. The music certainly fits the series in my opinion as it changes nicely based on the events which are unfolding. I am a huge fan of the opening theme song as well which really sets the tone nicely for each episode and is quite catchy.

Overall, Mob Psycho 100 has been a solid series.  There are a lot of entertaining moments in the series and my opinion of the series has improved with each episode. While not off to the most amazing start, I get the feeling we are in for something good with this series. I have hope that this series will live up to the expectations that everyone has for it including myself.

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