Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with a big announcement for the English side of Weiss Schwarz! The next English set has just been announced. The infamously powerful To Love Ru set is getting an English release. The trial deck and booster pack are slated to release on Jan 13th, 2017.  We don’t have any further details at this time. Reactions have been pretty intense to this announcement and understandably so. Some are for it and some are against it. When I initially heard about this, I was completely against it. However , now that some time as passed I personally have mixed feelings concerning this announcement.

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Of course we don’t know exactly in what capacity we will receive this set. Because of the dominant nature of the set in the Japanese game, the set could be released in English in one of a few ways. The set could be released as an exact copy of the Japanese release, it could be given an edited version such as the Nisekoi release. Each scenario leads to a different outcome.

Let’s explore what will happen if the set is edited for the English release. This will likely not lead to a positive outcome. Why do I think this? Because it happened before and led to a less than desirable outcome. When Nisekoi was announced for an English release, there was a lot of hype. The English game was getting a set which had taken the Japanese meta by storm and many figured that the English game would be drastically rattled by the set release. Sadly, the reality was quite different with not just just the set’s strongest card (the lvl 3 Marika) getting changed but multiple others were as well. The result was a set which proved to be quite weaker than it’s Japanese counterpart. This upset many English players and dissuaded others from investing in the set and the game because of it. If Bushiroad does the same thing with To Love Ru, the same issues will repeat themselves and add anger to a community which is already dissatisfied with the English game.

The scenario where Bushiroad releases it unchanged has some positives and negatives to it. I’ll start with the benefits to this decision. To put it bluntly the English game is in a bad state right now. When you look at tournament results, one set dominates- Kancolle and  occasionally  other sets top lists such as  SAO, Cinderella Girls,  and Attack on Titan. This is not to say that the other sets don’t top, Nisekoi +2 soul decks and Project Diva occasionally show up as well. However, there is a constant trend in tournaments- the top 3 are usually Kancolle, SAO, and AOT.  Adding To Love Ru will provide another competitive option to the English meta game. This set can stand atop the Japanese meta which has stiffer competition, it will easily compete in the English game.  How does this help? The addition of another competitive deck into the mix will help to diversify the tournament results for sure and this is what To Love Ru can do. This will certainly add another wild card into the mix in tournaments and likely lend itself to some great finals and semi finals matches.

The second benefit is that it will bring more people to the game. Of course this happens with every new set- but judging by the response that I have seen many people are excited for this set. Increasing the player base is something that we all want to happen so we should be encouraged by the fact that we are getting more sets.

Despite the positive implications, there are certainly some issues with bringing the set to the English game. The first of which is that simply it won’t fix the English meta problem. The problem with the English meta game goes beyond the fact that only a select few sets dominate. Many of the other sets are incomplete or just can’t compete with the likes of Kancolle or To Love Ru. Adding another hurdle for these sets to have to compete against certainly does not help with the disparity that occurs in the game. I am concerned that all this set release will either replace one dominating set with another or just have 2 dominating sets in Kancolle and To Love Ru.

While the set release in itself will bring players to the game, the idea of limited possibilities for success might deter people from playing the English game as well. An argument I see all the time is that the lack of parody in the English game is one reason why people don’t play English and that is probably a major reason. The game needs more competitive sets but with most of the English sets not standing a chance of competing with To Love Ru, this will discourage players from giving the English game a shot. One of the reasons many of us enjoy playing this game is the fact that we can play decks from our favorite sets and they can compete for the most part. This is true in the Japanese game, not so much in the English format.

In general, my feelings are really mixed about this announcement. This will certainly shake up the English game for both good and for bad. We won’t see how this set will change things until the set releases so I will reserve final judgment until then but I just wished to point out valid points from both side of the argument.

This concludes my thoughts on the To Love Ru set announcement. What do you think of To Love Ru coming to English? Please comment below. Also if you enjoy what I do please leave a like, or follow me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) or Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog) for news and updates. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off. See ya!