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What is Your Favorite Anime of 2016?

Greetings! Railgunfan75 here. On this blog, I commonly do top anime lists at various points throughout the year. This is a great way for me to convey to you what anime I have recently enjoyed. As the final anime season of 2016 is in full swing and will be ending in a few weeks, I am prepping my list for favorite anime of 2016. However, I would like to add something new to this list- I want to know what the readers enjoyed from this year. To do this I have created a poll listing the “significant” anime  from this year. This is the anime that has generated a lot of buzz.  It is my hope that you will vote for your favorite or favorites from this past year. Please feel free to vote for multiple series or vote multiple times. Of course including everything is impossible, so I have included an option to write in your favorite if it is not on the list. On Dec 24th, I will tally the results and provide you the reader with the results during my top anime list post for 2016 at the start of next year. You will find the poll below. So please vote- I am anxious to hear what you enjoyed from the past year.

So until next time (which will be post #100- YAY!) this is Railgunfan75 signing off! See ya soon!

*Update 12/7/2016* I have decided that the top vote getter will be the subject of my 1st anime review of 2017- so if you want to see a review for your favorite show please vote for it!


2 comments on “What is Your Favorite Anime of 2016?

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