Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with the second of the Power Up set reviews. This time around we have the Haruhi Power Up Set! I have already discussed the Railgun S Power Up in my previous article, here’s the link: Weiss Schwarz Railgun S Power Up Set Review .

I have discussed the Haruhi set in quite a bit of detail with reviews of the Trial Deck, Booster and Extra Booster to correspond with the English releases. I also have featured a deck profile in the past as well. Here are the links to those posts for those who are looking for a more comprehensive review of the set as a whole.

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That is a lot of reading so I will briefly sum up my thoughts about the set. The set in itself is one of the earliest sets to the game of Weiss Schwarz and as such the set falls behind many sets in terms of tech. There are a lot of flavorable cards in the set but while fun the set just can’t compete with most sets consistently. Add in a high amount of different traits and deck building can be difficult. Does the power up turn Haruhi into a contender? Read on!

As usual all translations are from And since there is an issue with the images from Heart of the Cards, the images are taken from

SY/WP02-01   ひと休み みくる
Mikuru, Taking a Break
 20161209_10 Trait 1: 時間 (Time)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)
[A] When this is placed from hand or Memory to the Stage, you may put the top 2 cards of your Library in the Waiting Room.
[A] When the Battle Opponent of this becomes Reversed, you may Send this to Memory. If so, at the start of your next Draw Phase, choose a “Mikuru, Taking a Break” in your Memory and put it in any Slot on the Stage.

Everyone talks about the Time Machine Miku from Project Diva as the Prime example of this but this mechanic dates at least to the Haruhi set. The memory bounce and return is a great mechanic and has a bunch of support in this set which makes it easy to pull off. All you need to do if buff your characters on your turn for this effect and this is easy to do. This card grants an extra amount of utility by allowing  you to get a free mill on multiple turns. A good color fixing option for those who would want to include Green in their deck builds.

SY/WP02-02   トナカイ みくる
Mikuru, Reindeer
 20161215_11 Trait 1: 時間 (Time)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)
[C] If there are 2 or fewer Climax cards in your Waiting Room, this gets -1 Level while in your hand.
[C] During battles involving this, your Opponent cannot play BACKUP from hand.
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may put the top card of your Clock in the Waiting Room.

Haruhi now has more options at level 2 for those non <Alien> centric decks. In the past your only options were to play the change effect into Trouble Girl Haruhi with this level 2 ( or to play a 10K Beater ( Both options were ok but this is the best out of the 3, An easy early summon condition to meet, an actual heal at level 2 (the Trouble girl change doesn’t heal you one), and the card can’t be anti changed by most counters. This card isn’t perfect however as it doesn’t do anything else and does not get very large in terms of power. While the set really needed this and players will use it, this card is really just average.

SY/WP02-03   ひと休み ハルヒ
Haruhi, Taking a Break
 20161212_5 Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)
[C] Your other Character in the Front Row Center Slot gains +500 Power.
[S] BRAINSTORM [(1) Rest this] Flip over the top 4 cards of your Library and put them in your Waiting Room. For each Climax card revealed this way, choose up to 1 Character in your Waiting Room with either ::Brigade Chief:: or ::SOS Brigade:: and return it to your hand.

This card was needed desperately in this set. Haruhi finally gets a good brainstorm that only costs 1 stock. Before this came along, the best brainstorm option was a card which would typically only give soul to itself ( The other brainstormers were certainly flavorful but typically not worth the insanely high stock cost. This card solves that problem…for the most part. There is one issue which pops up when using this card- the trait restriction for the salvage. There are a few cards worth playing in this set that are not either of these traits and this doesn’t work that well in an alien centric deck (though you might still play it because even the alien build doesn’t have a good brainstorm). That said being able to salvage anything to hand is much appreciated here and you will get most of the cards you want with this. The second effect is a nice addition especially in a set that does rely a bit on reversing the opponents characters. It would be great if this was a global 500 boost but I’ll certainly take this effect in any deck.While not as strong as brainstromers in other sets, this card is certainly an inclusion in a Haruhi deck which has a fair number of cards with <SOS Brigade> or <Brigade Chief> cards.

SY/WP02-04   傍若無人 ハルヒ
Haruhi, Supercilious
 20161214_6 Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, this gains +1500 Power for the turn.
[A] When the Battle Opponent of this becomes Reversed, if “Club Room on a Certain Day” is your Climax Zone, choose up to 1 Level 0 or lower Character in your Opponent’s Front Row and put it in the Waiting Room, and choose up to 1 Character in your Waiting Room with either ::Brigade Chief:: or ::SOS Brigade:: and return it to your hand.

This card shores up three problems that non alien decks had- a good climax combo at level 1, having an effective way to sustain hand, and having something else to play besides Normal Haruhi ( at level 1. This is another case where you have a pretty common card type but it was one that Haruhi sorely needed. With the other options to boost power on your turn in this set plus it’s on play effect, you should have no problem reversing anything with this card. The ability to salvage and sustain hand is always useful. Hand size was always an issue for non blue Haruhi decks and this card  really helps with that. The trait restriction on the combo won’t quite get you everything you might want but it will certainly give you enough. Besides the potential trait restriction, the fact that the card is only 4500 power on defense is a minor downside as well. It will be a relatively east target for opponents combos. While this is a drawback, the upsides certainly outweigh the negatives on this card.

SY/WP02-05   “10th Anniversary”ハルヒ
“10th Anniversay” Haruhi
 20161207_5 Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may choose a Character in your Waiting Room with either ::Brigade Chief:: or ::SOS Brigade:: and return it to your hand.
[A] When “Someday in the Rain” is placed in your Climax Zone, if this is in the Front Row, this gains the following ability for the turn. “[A] [Put 1 of your other Characters from the Stage in the Waiting Room] This ability activates up to once per turn. When this attacks, you may pay cost. If so, reveal the top card of your Library. If it’s a Level 1 or higher Character with either ::Brigade Chief:: or ::SOS Brigade::, put that Character in any Slot on the Stage, and that Character gains +1000 Power for the turn.” (Otherwise put it back where it was)

This card is arguably the best the best card in this set. Haruhi had a nice game ending option already and this card can really help to facilitate that. On play it can bring a character back to hand (Trouble Girl is the prime choice for this) and it’s climax combo could possibly bring a second one onto the stage if it is revealed. One common theme which shows up in each of these sets is that new cards also combo with climaxes that you will use anyway (Someday in the Rain is the climax which combos with Trouble Girl Haruhi). This is a great decision and one which makes deck building decisions easier. What this allows you to do is to much more effectively pull of the burn combo because you have more ways to get Trouble Girl on to the stage. And even if that doesn’t work, you can crash a character and possibly use the climax combo to bring another character onto stage for a 4th attack. There are a lot of possibilities with this card.

SY/WP02-06   ある日の部室
Club Room on a Certain Day
 20161214_7 Trigger: 2 Soul
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Climax Zone, choose up to 1 RED card in your Waiting Room and put it in your Stock, and all your Characters gain +1 Soul for the turn.

Stock souls are one of the best climax types and this one also happens to combo with the level 1 Haruhi from this set. Haruhi did not have one of these before and it was certainly needed. Good card  which is a must play in any non <Alien> deck. Not much else to really say here .

SY/WP02-07   ツリー色のドレス 長門
Nagato, Tree-colored Dress
 20161208_8 Trait 1: 宇宙人 (Alien)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)
[A] [(1) Put the top card of your Library in your Clock] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may pay cost. If so, search your Library for up to 1 Level 1 or lower Character, reveal it, put it in your hand, and shuffle your Library.
[A] When this attacks, choose 1 of your other Characters with either ::Alien:: or ::SOS Brigade::, and that Character gains +1000 Power for the turn.

While this is a standard card in most sets, this is a great utility card. The search effect is really powerful in many sets and it is strong here as well. This is useful in pretty much any deck type because it doesn’t search for a particular trait. There are plenty of useful search targets for this card so your searches typically won’t go to waste. The 1k power buff on attack is a sweet bonus as well and can help a lot with the what your level 1 game wants to do. This is a useful addition in both <Alien> and non alien decks and should an automatic 3 to 4 of inclusion. Great card!

SY/WP02-08   ひと休み 長門
Nagato, Taking a Break
 20161213_6 Trait 1: 宇宙人 (Alien)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)
[C] If the Level of the Character Opposite this is higher than the Level of this, this cannot Front Attack.
[A] [Discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room, put this in the Waiting Room] When your other Character with either ::Alien:: or ::SOS Brigade:: is Front Attacked, you may pay cost. If so, choose 1 of your Characters in battle, and that Character gains +3000 Power for the turn

The Aliens deck can now remove some vanilla cards! I personally think these costless 6K characters are great. You can get a big body on the field for your midgame, you typically can play around whatever downside the card includes (which this one is minimal), and you generally field sustain nicely. What is even more amazing about this card is that it has an amzing secondary effect. These “field counter” effects are really strong as it forces your opponent to plan their attacks more carefully, lets you potentially repeat climax combos or sustain field. A 3K power boost is very significant even during the late game and can really disrupt an opponents plan. The fact that you can boost <Alien> or <SOS Brigade> characters with this effect means that it will fit into most decks. Another good card.

In addition to the eight cards, there were also 2 promos released. As far as I’m aware one came with the Power Up Pack and the other was a shop promo. I will be discussing these as well.

SY/WP02-09   夏の眼福 ハルヒ&みくる
Haruhi & Mikru, Summer Eye Candies
Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)
【自】[手札を1枚控え室に置く] このカードが手札から舞台に置かれた時、あなたはコストを払ってよい。そうしたら、あなたは自分の控え室の「エンドレスエイト」を2枚まで選び、手札に戻す。
【起】[あなたの思い出置場の「エンドレスエイト」を8枚控え室に置く] 8回、次の行動を行う。『相手に1ダメージを与える。』(ダメージキャンセルは発生する)
[A] [Discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may pay cost. If so, choose up to 2 “Endless Eight” in your Waiting Room and return them to your hand.
[S] [Put 8 “Endless Eight” from your Memory in the Waiting Room] Perform the following action 8 times. “Deal 1 Damage to your Opponent.” (Damage Cancel can occur)

So before I get started, here is what Endless Eight does ( It should be noted that there are 8 art variants of this card. It is cool that there is a level 3 which now takes advantage of this event especially since there are many people which run a Endless Eight deck. I’ll start with the positives of this card. You are effectively paying 8 stock to burn your opponent 8 separate times. The stock is effectively spread out from level 1 to level 3 and if you are not rushed between those levels you could accomplish that. Burning for one eight times can easily win you the game. The second positive is that you can bounce 2 copies of the event to hand making it easier to get 8 to memory. This card has tremendous upsides. However there are a few drawbacks and they center around the event itself. The main issue is that you are forced to run and activate all 8 copies of the event for this level 3 to go off. This means that you have to draw into all 8 copies of the event and pay the stock in advance. This can be difficult to do as copies will inevitably end up in stock, clock or waiting room. Also running eight copies of an event really hinders your deck building options and then in turn gives you fewer characters which you can attack and build the stock with to pay for the event. With all these factors considered, I would say that this card could be worth running actually. While you won’t necessarily pull it off every game, the card is a lot of fun and could win you a few games- so why not?

SY/WP02-10   みくるをプロデュース ハルヒ
Haruhi, Producing Mikuru
Trait 1: 団長 (Brigade Chief)   Trait 2: SOS団 (SOS Brigade)
【永】 応援 このカードの前のあなたのレベル3以上のキャラすべてに、パワーを+2000。
【自】[手札を1枚控え室に置く] このカードが手札から舞台に置かれた時、あなたはコストを払ってよい。そうしたら、あなたは自分の控え室の、《団長》か《SOS団》のキャラを1枚選び、手札に戻す。
[C] ASSIST All your Level 3 or higher Characters in front of this gain +2000 Power.
[A] [Discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may pay cost. If so, choose a Character in your Waiting Room with either ::Brigade Chief:: or ::SOS Brigade:: and return it to your hand.

The set finally gets a way to help keep Trouble Girl Haruhi alive for multiple turns and makes the Mikuru level 3 a little more viable. This assist profile does work really nicely even though it only pumps up a small portion of the deck. What is nice in this case is that the power buff is not trait specific so any level 3 can take advantage of this. 2000 power is a big deal and certainly can be a difference maker in battles. This card has a nice secondary effect as well. You can play this at level 2 and either get the Mikuru advance summon, Trouble Girl Haruhi or just something that you can use that turn all for the cost of removing an extra climax or garbage card from hand. It is a simple effect but one which can be pretty powerful. This is a great card- it is just a shame that this card is hard to find.

Overall, the Power Up Set gave Haruhi some much needed upgrades. Many of the sets problems were addressed with these cards. You now have a good level 1 combo, some solid utility, and a more consistent endgame. However, many of these cards just fill basic needs that the set had and while Haruhi decks are now considerably more playable- these 8 cards are not enough to make Haruhi into a top tier set. Most these cards (besides the level 3) are typically the core of most sets these days.The truth of the matter is that Haruhi just needed too much to be fixed by 8 cards. Overall, these cards are good and this set is a worthwhile investment but not one which will turn Haruhi into a top tier set.

I am also working on new Haruhi deck builds- expect those after I finish with the Power Up Set reviews!

This just leaves one final Power Up Set, Kill la Kill! You can expect that set review coming soon. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! See you next time!