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2016 in Review Part 2: Railgunfan75’s 1st Annual Anime Awards

Greetings! Railgunfan75 here. At the end of each year, I typically will do a top 10 list for the new anime which aired that year. While the lists have been a hit, this year I decided to start something new in addition to the list. This time around I will be doing an award list as well. Because of the insane amount of great anime that was released last year, I wanted to come up with a way to highlight all of those amazing series. Just a Top 10 list wasn’t going to cut it and just doing a top anime list would take the number to 25-30 and that could be kind of boring. It should be noted that all anime mentioned in this post have my recommendation. Let’s start with my top 10 list. This list is in no particular order and just represents the 10 anime which absolutely stood out to me last year. It is practically a dead heat between most of these anime anyway so giving a definitive ranking after my top 3 proved next to impossible. Look at this as my top 10 recommendations for 2016. Here is the list!

Erased                                                           My Hero Academia

Yuri!! on Ice                                                Sweetness & Lightning

Mob Psycho 100                                        Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Bungo Stray Dogs                                      Durarara x2

Konosuba                                                     Re:Zero

A list of honorable mentions could be it’s own post, so I will pass on listing all of those series here.

Now on to the awards. With this I am hoping to highlight the various series that are worth watching for one reason or another.  I will of course explain what the award is for if necessary.  I will also put in a runner up(s) for each award as there are many noteworthy entries.. I also tried to get creative with the award names, whether it worked or not we will find out. There are 20 awards in total.  Let’s bring out the awards!

Best Series Which No One Talks About: Sweetness & Lightning

Runner Up: Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless& New Game!

This award is for the best series which really didn’t get the attention that many of the series received but certainly deserved it.

Series with the Most Amazing Cast of Characters: Durarara x2 

Runner Up: My Hero Academia,  New Game!, Bungo Stray Dogs, Kiznaiver, Re:Zero, & Love Live Sunshine!

Award for best overall cast including supporting characters. These series have a strong group of characters from top to bottom and had a great dynamic/chemistry between all of the characters.

Series which had a Kick Ass Premise: Bungo Stray Dogs 

Runner Up: 91 Days & Izetta: The Last Witch 

This award goes to the series which had the most interesting idea behind it’s plot.

Best Music in an Anime Series:  Love Live Sunshine!

Runner Up: Re:Zero & Yuri!! on Ice 

This award is for series which had the best music during the episodes not counting the opening and ending sequences.

Coolest OP/ED Song in an Anime: Styx Helix -Re:Zero  

Runner Up: 99 -Mob Psycho 100, Lay Your Hands on Me- Kiznaiver,&  Ninelie- Kabaneri Of the Iron Fortress

These songs are the best opening/ending songs of the year.

Most Entertaining Drama: March Comes in Like a Lion  

Runner Up: Erased  &  91 Days

Series with the Most Touching Moment: Sweetness & Lightning    

Runner Up: March Comes in Like a Lion, Love Live Sunshine!, & Erased

This award goes to the series with the most uplifting scenes in it.

Series with the Best Character Study: March Comes in Like a Lion

Runner Up: Durarara x2 & Kiznaiver

This is the award for the series which best explored a character or characters personality/psyche or discusses human nature in general.

Best Follow Up Series: Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance  

Runner Up: Love Live Sunshine! & Assassination Classroom Season 2

This award goes to the best sequel/spinoff series.

Coolest Animation: March Comes in Like a Lion  

Runner Up: Mob Psycho 100

This award to the series which had the best/most interesting animation.

Most Refreshing Anime: My Hero Academia  

Runner Up: Konosuba & Bungo Stray Dogs

This award goes to a series which adds new life into an otherwise overdone genre.

Best Series about Everyday Life: Sweetness & Lightning  

 Runner Up: New Game! & March Comes in Like a Lion

This award goes to the best Slice of Life series of the year.

Series with the Most Kick Ass Fights: Mob Psycho 100  

Runner Up: My Hero Academia & Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

This is the award for the best action series.

Coolest Fantasy or Sci Fi Series: Re:Zero   Runner Up: Konosuba & GATE

This award goes to the best anime in the science fiction or fantasy category.

Series Which I Laughed My Ass Off: Konosuba    

Runner Up: Tanaka- Kun is Always Listless 

This is the award for comedy of the year.

Character Which You Loved to Hate: Izaya Orihara- Durarara x2  

Runner Up: Betelguese- Re:Zero & Katsuki Baguko- My Hero Academia

This award goes to the best villain or anti-hero character from a series.

Male Character Which Didn’t Suck:   Osamu Dazai- Bungo Stray Dogs  

Runner Up: Izuku Midoriya- My Hero Academia & Subaru Natsuki- Re:Zero

This award goes to the most interesting or cool male character in a series from this year.

Female Character which should be Supreme Ruler of the Universe: Rem- Re:Zero  

Runners Up: Megumin -Konosuba, Emilia-Re:Zero, Celty Sturlson- Durarara x2 & Yoshiko Tsushima- Love Live Sunshine!

This award goes to well the best female character of 2016.

Reader’s Choice- Best Anime: Yuri!! On Ice    Runner Up: Erased

This award goes to the series which topped the poll I conducted last month. You will find the full results here (What is Your Favorite Anime of 2016?- Poll Results)

And now for the final award….drum roll please!

Best Anime of 2016Re:Zero   Runners Up: Konosuba and Durarara x2

This concludes the 1st Annual Anime Awards. What did you think of my selections? Was there an anime that wasn’t mentioned that you felt needs to be recognized? Please comment below. If you enjoy my content please follow me on Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog) or Twitter (@Railgunfan75) for news and updates. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! See ya next time!


One comment on “2016 in Review Part 2: Railgunfan75’s 1st Annual Anime Awards

  1. Karandi
    January 15, 2017

    Some interesting cateogries and choices here. Thanks for sharing.

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