Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with another Weiss Schwarz post! This time I have the long awaited Re:Zero trial deck! Hype for this set has been building since it was announced last summer and the wait is finally over! Is this trial deck worth your hard earned money? Well read on and find out!

As usual, all translations are from

I will start with the level zeroes.

Level 0

RZ/S46-T01   にっこり微笑むラム
Ram, Smiling
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: メイド (Maid)
[A] [(2)] When this is placed from the Stage to the Waiting Room, you may pay cost. If so, choose a Character in your Waiting Room and return it to your hand.
[A] BOND/”Rem, Younger One of the Twin Sisters” [Discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room]

This card has a couple of nice utility effects. The first salvage effect for 2 stock is a nice way to pay out climaxes and get you a card you need. This effect has the added bonus of allowing you to build up the stock to pay for the effect by attacking. Paying 2 stock to add a card is an effect I like for two reasons. The first is that you get to add a card to hand instead of handfixing with some cheaper effects. The second reason is that the option to pay 2 stock can be useful sometimes with a great possibility of getting a climax or an essential card buried in your stock. Cards with this effect are a worthy inclusion regardless of what else the card the does. This card also has a bond to one of the level 1 combo pieces of the deck and bond effects are always good. The bond target is also solid helping to create a level 1 wall. This would be better if it wasn’t a discard bond ,,,,but this card could see play in a competitive deck regardless. At the very least it is worth consideration for the salvage ffect.

RZ/S46-T02   毒舌メイド ラム
Ram, Vicious Maid
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: メイド (Maid)
[A] When this attacks, choose 1 of your other Characters, and that Character gains +1500 Power for the turn.

This type of card can be a very solid type of role player in a deck. With the current game’s emphasis on strong level 1 play and the high amount of on reverse effects, a 1500 power burst is no laughing matter. Granted there is another card in this deck which can give a power buff and does other things meaning that it does a take a back seat to that card. However if you can’t get your hands on that card (which is fairly pricey) or are looking to color fix for red, this card can be an option. Also useful in a Ram waifu deck if you can put one together.

RZ/S46-T04   呆然とするスバル
Dumbfounded Subaru
Trait 1: 死 (Death)   Trait 2: 魔法 (Magic)
[A] When this becomes Reversed in battle, put this on the bottom of the Library.

A 3500 beater with a downside which doesn’t hurt you that much except for in certain endgame scenarios (such as in a small and compressed deck). There is not much to really discuss with card. if you are looking for a red lvl o beater, this could certainly be an option.

RZ/S46-T09   朝の挨拶 パック
Puck, Morning Greetings
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: 精霊 (Elemental)
[C] ASSIST All your Characters in front of this gain +500 Power.
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, choose 1 of your other Characters with “Emilia” in name, and that Character gains +1000 Power for the turn.

This card could be a roleplayer in Emilia centered decks for similar reasons to the Ram card I discussed above. Power boosts can be useful on multiple occasions and 1000 power can make a difference. In addition there are Emilia cards which gain a bonus if there a Puck on the field. While it’s usefulness is restricted to one deck type,  this card is certainly a consideration in a more competitive deck.

RZ/S46-T10   ロズワール邸のメイド レム
Rem, Maid of Roswaal’s Mansion
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: メイド (Maid)
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may put the top 3 cards of your Library in the Waiting Room.
[A] BOND/”Ram, Older One of the Twin Sisters” [Put the top card of your Library in your Clock]

The second of 2 bond cards, this one allows to bring in the second level 1 for the trial decks main level 1 gameplan. This one is better then the Ram bonder for 2 reasons. The first is that the mill 3 effect has so many impications. This effect can get you to refresh faster, it allows you a better chance of getting the bond target, and gives you more options for salvage effects. The second is that the bond effect is stronger. The clock cost is the cheapest of the three bond conditions plus it can allow to clock yourself to the next level. This allows you to take immediate advantage of the card you added. The bond target is a solid card, however the real draw is the other ability. In a Rem/Ram deck this card can certainly have it’s uses.

RZ/S46-T11   純白の花嫁 レム
Rem, Pure White Bride
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: メイド (Maid)
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, choose 1 of your Characters with either ::Magic:: or ::Weapon::, and that Character gains +1500 Power for the turn.
[A] When this attacks, reveal the top card of your Library. If it’s a Character with either ::Magic:: or ::Weapon::, put it in your hand and discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room. (Otherwise put it back where it was)

Wow is this a good card! This is card with insanely useful effects. I already discussed why power buffs like this are good on an earlier card. This card has an additional effect which is welcome in any deck. This type of top checking really doesn’t have any downsides. If you meet the condition with the card you reveal, you can use this effect to discard a useless card from your hand and possibly get something better. At it’s worst you reveal an event or climax and you what your trigger will be. If it is a climax, then you know you will get a guaranteed hit on a brainstorm effect. This effect is just insanely powerful. This is certainly a great card- it only sucks that only 1 copy is included in the trial deck. Really Bushiroad- why do you hate us so much?

We also have 2 copies each of a blue and red 3000 power vanilla. Overall we have a nice slate of level 0 cards. I like that they only included 4 vanillas and provided us with cards that all useful tech. The highlight is of course is Rem, Pure White Bride which has a combination of effects which is really strong. The two different bonders were a bit much and I wish that they maybe included another type of card instead but at least both bonders have other useful tech still making them playable. Most of these cards are nice utility pieces and can certainly see play in decks in conjunction with the booster cards.

Level 1

RZ/S46-T06   双子の姉 ラム
Ram, Older One of the Twin Sisters
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: メイド (Maid)
[C] For each of your other “Rem, Younger One of the Twin Sisters”, this gains +1000 Power.
RZ/S46-T14   双子の妹 レム
Rem, Younger One of the Twin Sisters
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: メイド (Maid)
[C] For each of your other “Ram, Older One of the Twin Sisters”, this gains +1000 Power.

I will discuss these two cards together as they combo directly with each other. These are the two bond targets for the level 0s I discussed earlier and these are not terrible cards. Either one of these can reach power levels over 7K and getting multiples of each on the field is not hard with the bonds and other level 0 effects. The core of the level 1 game is to wall up using these two cards. I certainly prefer this to playing costless vanillas as the wall size is decent. Of course this strategy does need some help to work and can be fragile. They don’t get really big unless you fill your back row with this and there might be a couple of other cards you want to play in the back row. Besides giving a costless wall, this combo doesn’t do much else and can be devastating if the field is wiped. With additional support this combo is more viable (and I am seeing decks using this), but this combo takes up a lot of deck space. I can understand the arguments behind playing and wouldn’t fault anyone for doing so but there are more consistent options out there.

RZ/S46-T13a & b  膝枕するエミリア
Emilia, Offering Lap Pillow
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: 精霊 (Elemental)
[C] If you have 3 or more other Characters with either ::Magic:: or ::Weapon::, this gains +2000 Power.
[A] When this attacks, if there’s a BLUE Climax in the Climax Zone, draw a card, and discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room.

This is another strong card which Bushiroad decides to give us only 1 copy of…it sort of feels like they are taunting us. First and foremost, it is a essentially a costless 6K beater with no drawback (Getting 4 cards on the field is not difficult especially with the other effects you find in the TD). The power level on this card is sufficient enough to reverse many level 1 cards and can have staying power. Even if it dies, it is 0 cost to play so the loss if minimal. That alone is enough to play it but the secondary effect is really a nice bonus. You attack with this when a blue climax is in play and you get an instant hand fix. You can essentially get a double bonus from playing a climax combo. You get an extra instance of tailoring your hand and the climaxes add more value because they can combo with a second card. This works great with the level 3 Emilia in this deck.  It is a little restrictive because of the color requirement for the climax but there are a bunch of good reasons to play blue climaxes in this set.

We also have a costless Beatrice 1500 backup in red and a Rem 1/1 7000 vanilla. If it weren’t for the Emilia which i just discussed, this would be a pretty lackluster level 1 lineup. Most of the level 1 cards really don’t do anything. Sure you can get some pretty big costless characters on the field but they are really susceptible to many level 1 effects.

Level 2

RZ/S46-T16   異世界へようこそ! エミリア&レム
Emilia & Rem, Welcome to Another World!
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: 精霊 (Elemental)
[C] ASSIST All your Characters in front of this gain +1000 Power.
[S] [Rest this] Choose 1 of your Characters, and that Character gains +1500 Power for the turn.

Long time readers know that I am fan of the 1K assist. For those who are new, I briefly explain why. Put simply a 1K assist to any level can be more useful than a level x card at the later levels of the game. If you want a more detailed explanation read one of my other articles. Anyway this card has one solid effect and that is complimented by another nice second effect. We have another easy instance of giving a sizable chunk of power to a character and the cost to do this is basically nothing. This is a solid late game assist option.

RZ/S46-T17   殺意の瞳 レム
Rem, Eyes of Hatred
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: メイド (Maid)
[C] This cannot Side Attack.
[A] When this attacks, this gains +X Power for the turn. X = 1000 times # of your other Characters with either ::Magic:: or ::Weapon::.

We have a cost one card which can reach at 13000 power on attack- not too bad. With the other options to gain power, this can easily top 15000 power. Assassin cards like this are not a bad option. A card like this uses less resources than a level 3 and can kill a level 3 which your opponent probably put some effort to summon early. This card is pretty weak on defense and won’t survive multiple turns but if you have extra stock, paying 1 stock to kill a level 3 is certainly worth it. If your opponent only plays level 1s at level 2 then this will likely stay out there. I like this card.

RZ/S46-T18   清々しい笑み スバル
Subaru, Pure Smile
Trait 1: 死 (Death)   Trait 2: 魔法 (Magic)
[C] If you have another Character with “Emilia” in name, this gains +1500 Power.
[A] ENCORE [Discard a Character card from your hand to the Waiting Room]

There are multiple issues with this card. The first stems from the composition of this deck- there are no guarantees that an Emilia will be on the field. In fact the majority of the cards are Rem and Ram which means this won’t consistently get the power buff. It is also 2 cost which is a lot for a card which doesn’t do much and is’t a level 3. Third is that it doesn’t get that big even with an Emilia buff. The Rem which I just discussed can crean this card and it only costs 1 stock. The only positive is that it does attack for 2 soul which is always useful. Just not enough reasons to play this card.

We also have a Ram 8500 vanilla in red. The level 2 lineup is good but not great. We have three playable character cards at this level with the vanilla maybe doing some work for the player. The  best card from this level is the assist though an argument can be made for playing the 2/1 Rem. Overall, a decent (but somewhat boring) level 2 lineup.

Level 3

RZ/S46-T19   精霊使い エミリア
Emilia, Spirit User
Trait 1: 魔法 (Magic)   Trait 2: 精霊 (Elemental)
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may put the top card of your Clock in the Waiting Room.
[A] When “Converse With Spirits” is placed in your Climax Zone, if this is in the Front Row and all your Characters are either ::Magic:: or ::Weapon::, search your Library for up to 1 ::Magic:: or ::Weapon:: Character, reveal it, and put it in your hand. Afterwards, shuffle your Library, and this gains +2500 Power until the next end of your Opponent’s turn.
RZ/S46-T21   微精霊との対話
Converse With Spirits
Trait 1: None   Trait 2: None
[C] All your Characters gain +1000 Power and +1 Soul.

The level 3 is a pretty typical trial deck level 3 but it doesn’t mean that it is bad by any means. Healing effects are still good even in today’s meta. Because of that you could easily include this in a deck. However, this card also comes with an additional bonus, a very playable climax combo. The climax in this combo is the pants (Gate) and these climaxes have proven to be one of the better climaxes in the game. With the trigger adding additional copies to you hand, getting the climax to executing the combo is easier than with other climaxes. Also even it is a climax adding cards to hand with triggers gives you more options on future turns. The effect of the combo is stronger than you may realize. On the surface the combo just gets you a card in your hand and makes Emilia bigger for a turn. However, this effect does something else, it can save you from taking damage. Searching that one card from deck also means that you are removing one damage from your deck as well. It may not seem like much that one damage could let you survive an additional turn. In multiples this effect becomes even stronger. Also the power level stays in play until the end of the opponents turn meaning that it is a fairly sizable 12500 on defense which is something that can be formidable. Certainly a must play in Emilia centric deck and a nice complimentary level 3.


RZ/S46-T20a &b   スバルの選択
Subaru’s Choice
 Image result for weiss schwarz subaru's choice Trait 1: None   Trait 2: None
Search your Library for up to 2 Characters with either ::Magic:: or ::Weapon::, reveal them, put them in your hand, discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room, and shuffle your Library.

This card comes in two art variants with only one of them shown here. This event lets you trade this card and one other card from your hand for two characters from your deck for one stock. I personally like this types of events. Some of you may remember a similar event mentioned in my Haruhi deck tech. As I mentioned with the level 3, removing 1 card from the deck can change the course of an attack so removing 2 can be really beneficial.  Also getting two cards you need and discarding a useless character or extra climax is incredibly convenient. Good event and one which certainly see play.


Besides the climax already discussed, we also have the following at 2 copies a piece along with the 4 pants climaxes a;ready shown:

RZ/S46-T08   高い高い
Lift Up
Trait 1: None   Trait 2: None
【自】 このカードが手札からクライマックス置場に置かれた時、あなたは1枚引き、自分のキャラを1枚選び、そのターン中、パワーを+2000し、ソウルを+1。
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Climax Zone, draw a card, choose 1 of your Characters, and that Character gains +2000 Power and +1 Soul for the turn.
RZ/S46-T22   心の別離
Separation of Hearts
Trait 1: None   Trait 2: None
【永】 あなたのキャラすべてに、ソウルを+2。
[C] All your Characters gain +2 Soul.

This is a good climax lineup for a trial deck. The plus 2 soul climaxes can be good and I think that 2 is a good is a number to push for extra damage. The 2K, draw +1 soul climax is still better than people give it credit for. as I think getting a card to replace the climax is never bad and there are some scenarios where global soul climaxes can be harmful.

The Re:Zero trial deck is a bit of a mixed bag. On the positive side, this deck includes all exclusive cards which is a nice touch. In addition this trial deck has some cards in it that are worth picking up which I am showing below:



These cards and a couple of others in the deck all could be nice role players in a competitive deck. The cards can also be of use in multiple deck types further increasing their value.The cards in this deck were clearly meant to serve as an extension of the main set and provide additional support to various deck builds. These 6 cards for me are worth picking the trial deck as these cards will certainly find in place in deck builds which I have in  mind.

The negatives stem from the deck as a whole. A deck built with only the trial deck cards suffers from such consistency issues mainly with some of the card interactions which occur in this deck. Some of the cards just won’t be able to activate it’s effects as consistently as you want them to. While there are some cool cards, there are also some really underwhelming and boring cards.

Is the Re:Zero trial deck worth purchasing? It really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a consistently solid deck that is ready to play on it’s own then you will be disappointed. If you are looking to build a refined Re:Zero deck with the support of the cards from the booster pack, then this is a worthwhile purchase as all of these cards can be found only in the trial deck.

So this concludes my thoughts on the Re:Zero trial deck. What do you think of the deck? Which waifu deck are you most excited to build? Please comment below.And fear not, I do have a review of the Re:Zero booster coming soon as well. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! See ya!