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A Valentine’s Day Message to All Anime Fans & Geeks

Greetings! Well it is now Valentine’s Day here in the U.S.. A day where the world it seems is dressed in pink, people do extra special things for one another, and the message of love is spread all over the land. It is also a day for some of us which can be a reminder of what we don’t have. It is a day where people joyously remind everyone that they have a great person in their lives and if you don’t- well then that is problem that needs to be fixed. For us geeks it can be especially hard  as we can have a harder time than many people meeting that special person. The day can certainly be a downer for some.  My message today is actually one which is positive especially directed to those of you who feel depressed or saddened every Feb 14th.

The message is a simple one. It’s perfectly fine to be single. Yep I said something totally against the core message of what today has come to stand for. And I’m not saying that relationships are bad in any way. It is fine to want to meet that special person, we all want that for ourselves just don’t let that aspect of your life define how look at yourself. You have something that you are very passionate about and there are plenty of people who can’t say that. You have found some aspect of this world which you really really enjoy and that is worth celebrating.

If you are feeling lonely on a day like today, just look at the awesome community and world we live in. As geeks we are certainly not alone. There are plenty of opportunities to meet like minded people and plenty of things to enjoy doing even if it is by yourself.  I will say this as well, if you can’t find someone who can accept you for being you then don’t change to accommodate these people. I have tried this myself and it made me miserable. If people won’t accept you, the problem is with them not you.

Just take some time and celebrate being you. Geeks are awesome and we don’t need someone else to remind us of that. Being in a relationship doesn’t make you awesome, being passionate about things you enjoy and standing behind them is what makes you cool. Yes it can be lonely sometimes, but you do something whether it be comics, anime, film, that you can enjoy and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

And for those of you who are already fortunate enough to have found that special someone- I say congrats to you. I also urge you to remember the time when you were in the same position as the rest of us. It is certainly understand to want to spread the joy you feel that comes with finding that special person. There is nothing wrong with wishing that joy on others either. Just if you wish to spread the happiness around, just do it in a way which is respectful to those of us who haven’t had the joy you now have. People who are single are not losers or lesser people, we are just people who either are happy exploring life on their own or just haven’t crossed that bridge yet. There is nothing wrong with either of those things.

So now I have said my peace, I shall go off and enjoy this day in my own way. It is in fact another day of being alive and that alone is worth celebrating. Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off.


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This entry was posted on February 14, 2017 by in Thoughts and Musings.

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