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Fairy Tail Manga Enters It’s Final Arc- My thoughts

Greetings! It has been recently announced that the long running Fairy Tail manga is now in it’s final story arc. This is big news for fans who now know that ending to the series will be coming soon. Just exactly how much is left is not known but knowing that we will be hitting the finish line soon is a big deal. There have been plenty of reactions to this news, some positive and some negative and I would like to take some time to share my thoughts on this news.


Fairy Tail was the series which got me hooked on anime and manga. I was drawn to the great characters, the fun action sequences and a story which while predictable was certainly entertaining. It is the only long running series that I read and watched from start to finish and as such it will always be special to me.

For me the news was bitter sweet. I am certainly disappointed that a series which I have enjoyed for so long will be ending. This series has been going for the entire time that I have been a fan of anime and manga. There is a lot that I still enjoy about this series to this day. The world that has been built and the characters that inhabit it have always been fascinating to me. I have enjoyed the gradual build up that has occurred from the small story arcs to the grand battles which have taken place in later arcs. The characters are just amazing from the core team of Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray and Happy to all of the characters they meet along the way. I read the new chapters with a lot of anticipation and it will be weird to not have that any more. I am certainly disappointed to see it end.

However, I am also relieved to know that it is ending and excited to see how it all wraps up. I have been wondering for a while where the story could go after recent events and I am happy that this is the grand finale to the series. It would certainly cheapen the series to continue after this story arc finishes up as there is no better way to end a story than right after a clear climax. I also will acknowledge that the current arc is not the strongest in terms of narrative and has had a few issues. I certainly don’t want to see the series hang around and deteriorate. This current arc is not bad but the series certainly has passed it’s peak in terms of story telling. It just feels right that it should end.

Despite this, I am certainly excited to see what the finale has in store. I am most anxious to see what is in store for the characters at the end of the story. There have been questions brought up throughout the series and it has been great to see these questions answered. It is shaping up to be a great ending and I can’t wait to see what is in store for these characters whose journey I have followed for so long. It is sad to see the journey end but it is an ending that I am really excited for. Hopefully it is a great ending for these characters as they and the audience certainly deserve it.

Fairy Tail Zero

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