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My Winter 2017 Anime Recommendations

Greetings! Winter 2017 was not the strongest season for anime but there were certainly a few pleasant surprises. Many shows that were hyped liked crazy to start the season fell flat and a few series really came out of nowhere to impress. I typically would do a top 10 after each season but this season there were not 10 shows that would make such a list as many didn’t even interest me and a handful of others were either ok or just got dropped. Because of this, I have decided to present to you a list of shows that I would recommend. Here are my recommendations for the past anime season.

Konosuba Season 2 


Season 1 of Konosuba was a series of the year contender in 2016 and best comedy by far last year. Season 2 of Konosuba continues this trend of greatness.  Konosuba season 2 continues the insane self aware comedy which led it to greatness last year. Megumin, Aqua, Darkness, and Kazuma all return and are just as crazy and dysfunctional as well. Each character gets more time in the spotlight and that time is well spent giving us further insight into the characters. In addition to new gags and hijinks, the series also harkens back to jokes from season 1 without missing a step. The comedy is relevant to anyone who has played Fantasy/MMO games or is a fan of series such as SAO. This series is worth the hype it has received.

Saga of Tanya the Evil

saga of tanya the evil full

Unlike many of the series on this list, Tanya is dark and brutal to watch…and it works really well. With a focus on the dark side of war and humanity, Saga of Tanya the Evil is a real gut check compared to many of the other popular shows of late. One of the main appeals is that you have a main character in Tanya who is a brutal as they come making her not someone you really want to root for. However her success means success for some of the members of the supporting cast all of whom you actually like for various reasons. This leaves the viewer really conflicted which is a testament to the great writing the show has. Add in a cool setting and amazing looking animation and you have a series which is an early contender for anime of the year.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 

dragon maid

There is an infectious charm to this show that is really hard to put into words. This show just hooked me from episode 1 with it’s fun cast of characters, simple yet memorable stories, and a message of  friendship. Dragon Maid is a show which will make you feel good at the end of each episode. Yes you have “trope” episodes which you find in most slice of life shows but these episodes feel fresh enough where you won’t care that we have seen these things plenty of times before. You are missing out if you haven’t checked this one out.

Akiba’s Trip

akiba's trip

This show was a real surprise. Very early impressions of the show had led me to think that this was just going to be a show whose sole purpose was to come up with far fetched reasons for fan service. While the series does do this, Akiba’s Trip proved to be much more than that. The series lovingly pokes fun at different aspects of geek and otaku culture. Idols, Video games, Maid Cafes. and many other things are put into the spotlight and given a fun and insane exploration. This series was full of full characters, bizarre and funny moments, and stories which are certainly entertaining. The dub cast also did an amazing job on this series. If you are looking for a luagh, certainly check this series out.

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 


This series is just a beautifully well done and thought provoking series. Season 1 had a great artistic charm to it and season 2 continues this trend. In a medium which can be crazy, wacky, and far fetched, March Comes in Like a Lion is a great anchor to bring one back to reality. There are few shows which makes it’s characters feel as human as this one. There are no real gimmicks to draw viewers in, just a great story about getting through life with many touching and emotional moments. If you want to see an example of anime as a art form, then check this series out.

Interviews with Monster Girls

interviews with monster girls_full

My final recommendation is of a show which I’ll admit I was hesitant to check out. This was another case where the title and description don’t really do the series justice.  This series sports a great cast of characters, a non annoying main character and plenty of feel good story lines. Interviews with Monsters Girls is really a series about acceptance and embracing what makes us unique. A nice mix of comedy and more emotional moments, this series is another good entry in the slice of life genre. This series certainly surprised me and maybe it will surprise you too.


This concludes my recommendations for the Winter of 2017. What were your favorite series? What series did you hate? Please comment below. If you enjoy my content and haven’t done so already please follow me on twitter (@Railgunfan75) for news, updates, and more. Now that the shameless plug is over, it is not time to signoff. This is Railgunfan75 and I’ll see you next time!



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