Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with another installment of Top 5. I had previously highlighted some of the negative aspects of anime with another Top 5 post (Top 5 Cliches from Anime/Manga Which Need to Dissapear). For those who read the post and posts like it and are on the fence about watching anime then they might be swayed away from checking out the medium. I certainly don’t want that so this time I have decided to go in the opposite direction and focus on some of the many positives. This time I present the Top 5 Reasons to Watch Anime. Hopefully, this will convince you if you are undecided about watching anime or may help if you are looking for assistance in convincing others to watch anime. So let’s jam!

#5: The Anime/Manga fan community is an amazing group to be a part of.

Yes I know it is never to good to tell people to do something because the “cool people” are doing it but in this case it is hard to have a discussion about the medium without talking about the fans. Anime & Manga are the best fans out of any geek fan base. The group is full of people from all walks of life and is incredible accepting of all it’s members. From the internet to conventions, you have a group of people who are always willing to debate and acknowledge different opinions, talk about their favorite series/characters with complete strangers, and share their love of a great art form with others.  The community is one full of passion about what they love and full of respect for those who share their passion. And yes members of this community are cool and we are cool in our own awesome way.

#4: Anime/Manga has something for everyone.

Are you looking for a good romance story? Some heart pounding action? A calm peaceful story to help wind down after a long day? Well you are in luck because there are plenty of stories in each of these genres and more. Anime & Manga are more than just fanservice or mindless action. There are series which touch upon topics from writing a dictionary (I’m not kidding and the series is quite good actually) to fantasy epics. There are shows aimed at kids & adults. There is programming for men and women. From superheroes to zombie dramas, anime and manga basically has it all including some things that you never knew you liked (I never watched a romantic comedy until I started watching anime).

#3: Anime/Manga stories are a great form of entertainment for adults.

Animation and comics have a stigma of being kiddy stories- adults shouldn’t waste their time on them. The truth of the matter is that both forms of entertainment are certainly adult entertainment especially when it comes to Japanese entertainment. With stories that discuss the brutality of war, the drama and complications of relationships, the power of friendship and family, anime/manga stories can be more than just simple kiddy entertainment. There are series which are more for kids and those are entertaining as well (and are among the more well known) but many of the properties are not just dumb downed entertainment. I like many others have had occasions where you either think more deeply about yourself or the world around you after watching a series. Even better many series are relatively short 10-24 episodes) meaning that it is fairly easy to get through a series with the little amount of spare time we have.

#2: Anime/Manga have the best characters in entertainment.

Anime/Manga have the most lovable, relate-able, bad ass characters around. Plenty of characters in anime/manga go beyond your one note character types that you see in other media. Even the one note characters These characters have real personalities, are genuinely affected by their experiences, and have goals and aspirations. Many of these characters feel like real people and these people you can laugh or cry with. Their obstacles and experiences are just like those that we experience. These characters represent the best and worst of who we are as human beings. Stories and worlds are only as good as the characters the occupy them and in most cases, anime/manga worlds are occupied by some of the best characters around.

#1: Anime/Manga takes fantastical stories that can touch on the human condition.

Many of the stories which are told in anime & manga take place in fantastical settings or scenarios, many of which would be impossible to occur in our world and that is entertainment enough. However, there are plenty of these stories where is the heart of the story is not the hero saving the world, but instead they focus on issues like what makes a hero, what emotions they are feeling while doing so, and the burden of being a person with such power. Stories that seem simple like a story about a group of school kids turns into a story about accepting loss and fulfilling one’s dreams. There is a an additional level of complexity to the writing that you don’t find in other places with anime/manga and it leads to some amazing story telling and entertainment.

That concludes this installment of Top 5. What did you think of my list? What are your reasons that enjoy anime & manga? Please comment below. If you enjoy my content then please follow me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) for news and updates.  Also please check out my current poll (New Poll: Favorite Anime of 2017 So Far). As the season is drawing to a close, I am looking forward to seeing what your series were. The top vote recipients will receive a review. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! See ya next time!