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Poll Results: Favorite Anime of 2017 So Far

Greetings! The time has come! I have the final results for the recently conducted poll. I asked you- what was your favorite anime of 2017 so far? I am excited to present you with the results for the poll! I have the series which received votes listed below.

Series                                                               Votes

My Hero Academia Season 2                      3

Attack on Titan Season 2                             2

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid                  2

Re:Creators                                                     2

Kado:The Right Answer                               2

Saga of Tanya the Evil                                  1

Sakura Quest                                                  1

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku                         1

ACCA                                                                1

Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul                     1

The results for this poll both surprised me a bit and were what I was expecting. The winner being My Hero Academia was certainly not a shocker and seeing the series such AOT, Dragon Maid, KADO, and Re:Creators being near the top were no surprise either. I was shocked to see series such as Konosuba receive zero votes. I will also admit that I was expecting more votes overall but I am certainly grateful for those who did vote. If you voted, thank you for voting! I really appreciate hearing from you! Of course My Hero Academia will get a review- as to when I have yet to decide whether to wait until the current run finishes or review up to the end of the Spring season. Let me know your thoughts on this below. And seeing that we had so many series content for second place, I now have a better idea what you would be interested in! And stay tuned for my list of top anime from the Spring and Summer of 2017 coming soon!

So this concludes this post. What are your thoughts on the results? Please comment below. If you enjoy my content, please follow me on twitter (@Railgunfan75) for news and updates. So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off!




2 comments on “Poll Results: Favorite Anime of 2017 So Far

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