Greetings! This year has seen some great additions to the comic book lineup and to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  We have had great entries of late and more interesting ones to come. The series has movies has become quite popular and while not all of the films have been amazing, there certainly have been plenty of entertaining entries. This time on Top 5, I thought I would change gears and focus on the world of comics. For this installment, I bring you my list of Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Films. Let’s get started!

5. Spiderman Homecoming


The newest installment at the the time of this post, Spiderman Homecoming gives us a nice and refreshing take on Spiderman. We finally get a Spiderman series which deosn’t focus on his direct origins, instead we get a film where he is allowed to make mistakes and really grow as a hero. This film has in my opinion the most genuine Spiderman to date, one that so far has best captured the essence of the character. The awkward, wise cracking Peter Parker/ Spiderman is the one we all love. This movie both feels like it belongs in the MCU and yet works as it’s own film. Yes the film does suffer from some of the problems that many of the films in the universe do such as underwhelming villian fights but these things take a back seat to the high points of the film.

4.Captain America: The Winter Solider

ca solider

I have never been a huge fan of the character of Captain America though I will admit the film version has certainly exceeded expectations especially in the case of the second film. Winter Soldier is one of the more unique entries in the universe as it could easily just pass as a spy thriller. But this is a spy thriller that really works well. The film really blurs the line between hero and villain and by doing so really changes the status quo of the universe and Captain America himself. Seeing a character that is generally seen as a by the book and by the rules guy, sort of be on the wrong side of is refreshing. The film is darker and more gritty than it’s counterparts and certainly deserves a place on the list.

3.Guardians of Galaxy I & II


OK I am cheating here but for me it is next to impossible to pick between the two films as they are among the funniest films that I have ever seen. These films are just pure comedic gold with the characters playing off of each other brilliantly. The strength of the comedy rests with the brilliant dialogue and the vastly different personalities of the characters.  Like with Thor, the makers of the films had a challenge of making a set of films that took place in a fantastical setting fit into the already universe. Guardians not only succeeds in this but also works great as a series of standalone films as well. Also let’s not forget the killer retro soundtrack in both films and of course the awesomeness of Baby Groot.

2. Iron Man

M Payoff 1sht

The movie that started it all certainly deserves a place on this list. This film is one of the films that certainly would stand on it’s own without the rest of the universe to support it (admittedly because the movie universe didn’t exist yet). The film managed to take a b-list character at the time and make it into a revelant part of comics and pop culture. Well paced with a great balance of drama, action and some comedy, Iron man has one of the best stories in the MCU. Add in a killer performance from Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark and a great supporting cast and you have one of the most fulfilling films of the MCU. While this film has a few flaws, the overall experience of watching this film is quite enjoyable.

1. The Avengers


This film has to top the list right? All of the little hints and teases from the first few films led up to that film and the payoff was certainly worth the wait. The Avengers was a great mix of humor and action. It was amazing to see all of the heroes on the big screen at the same time with the character interactions nailed to a tee. Add in the easily the best villain in the MCU- Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and you have a film which captures the fun and excitement of the comics. This is a feat that has not been duplicated since despite multiple attempts to do so afterwards. The Avengers may not be perfect as a film but it doesn’t need to be due to it’s great ability to entertain an audience.

This concludes this installment of Top 5. What are your favorite MCU movies? Please comment below. If you enjoy my content, please follow me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) and Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog) for news and updates. So until next time, this is Railguanfan75 signing off! See you soon!