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Top Anime from Winter/Spring 2017



Greetings! Well we are now past the half way point for the year and this year has had a lot of interesting and entertaining series. I have already asked your opinion about what series you enjoyed with the results found here (Poll Results: Favorite Anime of 2017 So Far). Now it is time for me to share with you my favorite series from this year so far. These series are listed in no particular order as I found doing a ranking on the series this year proved to be difficult. I will just simply highlight the series that I enjoyed and would recommend if you haven’t seen them yet. So let’s get started!

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2


This series is a great work of art period. The animation is gorgeous, the character studies conducted are amazing, and the topics explored go beyond what you would find with many series. This is drama done at it’s best- not done with some overly contrived plot points where characters make incredibly stupid and illogical decisions. This is life drama, the type that many would actually experience in their lives. Because of this the characters are certainly genuine and real. There are no characters tropes and one note personalities here. These are real people encountering real problems. Sometimes these scenarios can make for some very interesting story telling if done right and this series certainly does it right.

Akiba’s Trip The Animation

akiba's trip

This show is not the most sophisticated or have a plot which makes much sense but it doesn’t matter because that isn’t what this series is aiming for. Their goal was to clearly poke some good old fashioned fun at different aspects of geek and otaku culture and they greatly succeed in doing so. This series is ridiculous from start to finish and it knows it. The characters are incredibly hilarious, the plot scenarios while ridiculous are a lot of fun, and there will likely be something in the series that any geek can relate to. If you are also looking for an example of a great piece of work by a dub cast then look no further. This is certainly one of the best comedies of the year so far.

Kado: The Right Answer


I know many of you are groaning about this pick and I do agree that the ending could have been so much better. But I have to admit that this journey of this series was certainly one of the most interesting and thought provoking this year. This is really a story about humanity itself, both the good and bad aspects of it. For it being a short series, Kado stuffs it full of content and despite it’s issues still delivers an ending which many shows don’t do and delivers which at least closes the story out. The plot progression feels natural for the most part, the characters while they are atypical are certainly interesting and the series does a great job of making you think. Despite everything, I still think this series is worth a look.

Saekano Flat


Sure this series may seem like a typical harem with a clueless protagonist that is also loaded with fanservice. This series does have all of these things but they are used as a catalyst to tell a much more compelling story, one which is entirely self aware that it is indeed a harem story. Saekano critiques it’s characters and it’s tropes while telling a story about the struggles we all go through while growing up and achieving our dreams.  While season 1 completely poked fun at it’s ideas and characters, season 2 takes a much more dramatic by dealing the consequences of the characters actions and personalities. It is refreshing to see the characters such as Megumi lay into our protagonist for his views about his friends and the world. Many series don’t touch upon the growth that such characters need but Saekano does and it does it in a beautiful and fun way. I generally don’t like harems but this one for me was a pleasure to watch. Shame that Amazon got this series as many people missed out on this one.

Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest

This series is nothing flashy, just a story about five women and their efforts to revive a dying town. But this story has an incredible amount of heart and while these characters are working to save the town, they are also in a way helping themselves overcome the things that have troubled them. The characters are the main charm with this show as each character contributes a new dimension to the story and compliment each other nicely. These characters try, fail, and then grow which each attempt. The plot progresses at a very organic pace while devoting plenty of time to both the overall story and the characters’ journey. This series just has a certain indescribable charm to it that sets itself apart from other series in the same mold.  Like many of the shows on this list, any doubts about whether the series would appeal to me were quelled in the early episodes.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

dragon maid This is easily one of the best slice of life/comedies of the year and a great example of how a series take incorporate supernatural elements and yet tell a very human story. This is a story about family and finding something that you didn’t even know that you needed. The story about how Kobayashi and the Dragons find a family is funny, emotional, and charming at the same time. Tohru, Kanna, Kobayashi, and the rest of the cast all have their unique charm and some of that stems from the obstacles that each needs to overcome. You will laugh, you will cry, and you just have a good time with a simple story. This is a great series to watch if you are looking to unwind after a stressful day or just looking to have some fun. Also if you are looking for one of the cutest characters in anime- you have found it in Kanna. If you don’t like her, then you are not alive inside. Check out this series if you haven’t done so already- it’s charm will win you over I guarantee it.

Saga of Tanya The Evil

saga of tanya the evil full

This series is certainly one of this year’s big surprises. The series takes common ideas such as magical worlds, a WWII esque setting and a moe protagonist and turns them on their head. Tanya is a character that you feel guilty rooting for because she is a terrible human being and deserves what she has coming to her. Yet though she a charm which makes it impossible not to root for her. This series is incredibly dark by nature and does a wonderful job of focusing on the truly dark side of war and humans in general. Aesthetically this series is a pleasure to watch as the animation it captures the dark tone of the story perfectly. This includes the character expressions which are both cool to look at and captures the despair and insanity of the characters involved. Also let’s not forget an amazing performance by Monical Rial as the title character Tanya, she does an amazing job portraying this character. This series is certainly a good pick if you are looking a series with a more mature tone.

My Hero Academia Season 2

My hero academia seas 2

This series has exploded in popularity since it returned and for good reason. My Hero Academia has taken the great foundation laid in season 1 and turned it into an exciting and fun superhero story. No longer burdened with character introductions and world building, the second season is free to focus on it’s amazing cast of characters and boy do they shine. Deku is more than just a generic anime hero, his backstory and personality make it easy to root for him. The side characters like Ochaco and Iida all steal the spotlight when they are the focus. Everyone will find ta character that they want to get behind with this one.mThe series takes a standard anime trope- a tournament arc and uses it to brilliantly explore the characters motivations, dreams and personalities. The action is amazing but it takes a back seat to a very cool story about growth, self discovery, and what it means to be a hero. Add in more outstanding performances by the voice cast (the dub is definitely the way to go on this one) and you have a series which does the superhero genre justice.

Konosuba Season 2


The hi jinks continue in this second season of an amazing comedy series. The adventures of Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness are just as funny and absurd as in season 1 with some character development added in for good measure. The strength of this series are both the characters and the absurd scenarios that they find themselves in. None of the characters are beacons of goodness as they all are jerks in some way. Yet, you still find yourself rooting for them despite all this. They are flawed yes but incredibly likeable. The interactions between these characters because of their flaws also make for great comedy and the series has some of the best trolly dialogue that I have seen. yes, The comedy is  slapstick at times but with it you can get with plenty of geeky references tossed in there. If you are a fantasy/MMO fan there is plenty to offer with this series. If you simply want a great comedy, then check this out as well.



It is an absolute travesty that this series is streaming on Amazon Strike right now as so many people are missing out on this great show. Re:Creators is a brilliant exploration of many anime character types and tropes packaged in an exciting and entertaining story.  Everything is fair game from an hilarious recap episode to commentary about magical girls and anti-heroes. As I stated in a previous post, this series is a unique take on the issekai genre by bringing other characters to our world and exploring the ramifications of that. What would it be like if you could meet the individual who created you? What if you could travel to the land of the gods? These questions are front and center in this series. While this series has many cool and bad ass characters (Selesia and Meteora are just awesome), the series takes the non bad ass characters and puts them in the spotlight. This show does just about everything right and if you have the opportunity to check it out, I certainly would.

This concludes my picks for the Best Winter/Spring Anime of 2017. What do you think of the list? Any series that you think are worth watching that are not listed here? Please comment below. If you enjoy content and would like to stay updated then please follow me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) and Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! See you soon!



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