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Come learn how to play Weiss Schwarz at Geek Kon 2017!

Greetings! As my longtime readers know, one of the common topics on this site is an anime centered card game called Weiss Schwarz. I have written many articles concerning the game. Have you been curious about how to play the game? Are you attending Geek Kon in Madison, WI on August 25-27? If so then you are in luck!

I will be hosting a couple of demo sessions during the weekend- One on Friday Aug 25th from 10 pm to Midnight and the other on Saturday August 26th from 10 pm to Midnight. I will have all the materials on hand to play or bring your own deck if you like! Also if you are just looking for a casual game please stop by as well! If you are interested in playing or getting a demo at another time because those don’t work for you, shoot me a message on twitter (@Railgunfan75) and maybe we can work something out!

Hope to see you there!


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