Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with another set of recommendations. Another anime season has come and gone and again there were a number of entertaining series to watch. This last season had a high number of great shows- so much so that I have decided to write two lists this time around- one for new properties and the other for sequels/ 2nd seasons. This time I will discuss the new to anime series which have my recommendation. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

It should be noted that because of the Netflix delays for Fate/Aprocypha and Kakeguri, I have not watched these series as of the time of this post. Also these series would be on the list regardless of the presence or absence of these series. 



Gamers! was a series which took everyone by surprise this season. After a pretty standard setup and first episode, the series took an unexpected turn for the better starting with the second episode. We thought we were going to get a series about an gaming club doing club type activities. What we got instead was a romantic comedy about a bunch of teenagers (who for the most part are gamers) who have to sort through misunderstandings and there own feelings towards themselves and each other.  What makes this series great is the fact that the characters feel like authentic gamers-not the usual stereotypes you see. They are passionate about games but the series remebers that they are people as well. Also, the gaming aspect while important for plot points is not the focus of the story- the romance, the interactions, and the misunderstandings are the center of the story. The comedy doesn’t feel forced, the scenarios while exaggerated a bit are the type that people typically experience, and the series shows love to the characters instead of poking fun at them for being nerds. Gamers! is a must watch series.

Princess Principal


When you see promotional images for a show containing a group of cute girls, one tends to think of wacky hi-jinks and other typical tropes. Princess Principal is the opposite of this. With this series, you get a rather series show concerning spies and political intrigue. Set in an alternative steampunk-esqe England, the stories follows a group of spies as they execute various missions. The series takes a standard story and adds some nice twists to them. From jumping around to various points of time to blurring the lines between heroes and villains, Princess Principal brings some interesting things to the table. The cast of characters all have their charms, the aesthic, the animation is really cool to look at, and the soundtrack is incredibly awesome to listen to inside and out of the show. While not the deepest show, if you are looking for a fun series about a coll group of spies then check this one out. It is a cool and fun series.

Tsuredure Children


While Gamers was a more wacky take on a romance story, Tsuresure Children takes a much calmer approach to the story telling and it works really well. Consisting of short stories throughout each of it’s 12 episodes, this series focuses on the awkwardness of budding romances. The series is charming, has nice comedy moments, and perfectly captures how feels to be a teenager in love. It doesn’t give you over contrived scenarios or drama just for the sake of drama. The drama stems from the naturally occurring that the characters take part of. Just the process of doing something like confessing to your crush is a strong plot point with the series. It also executes both the comedic and dramatic elements quite well when it does this. Also the episodes are around 10 min in length- allowing you to marathon the season in an evening very easily. I will admit that I certainly enjoyed this series despite these type of things not usually being something that I choose to watch.

Restaurant from Another World


This series is simple and certainly not flashy. However, there is a real charm to this series and the stories that they tell. The core idea is really about the power of good food and the lengths that we are willing to travel to get this food. Each story shows how the restaurant and the food have positively impacted all of the characters. These stories despite being set in a fantasy world are very relate-able and the characters are all fun in their own way. Restaurant from Another World is a great way to wind down and relax. The series shows love for food like Food Wars- just without the insanity and over the top reactions. It is a great change of pace from the insanity that many other series have. And also the food does look amazing- just putting that out there.

So that concludes the list. I will return with the second part of the list which will feature the second season/sequel series from the summer. Stay tuned for that as that will be coming soon. What are your recommendations from this past season? I would love to hear from you so please comment below. Want to hear about future posts or other interesting news? Follow me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) or Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog) for updates. Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! See you soon!