Greetings! Railgunfan75 here with part 2 of my summer anime recommendations. This time around I will be discussing the series that were either sequels to previous series, or continuations from the Spring season. Like the last post about the Summer season, this are my recommendations for the previous anime season.

My Hero Academia 

My hero academia seas 2

As I have mentioned before- this series exploded on to the scene this year. The growth in popularity from season 1 to season 2 is astounding though after watching this it is easy to see why. You could view season 1 as a nice prologue with the character introductions and world building. Now that all of that was out of the way, the story was allowed to accelerate into top gear. My Hero Academia is a superhero story done right with compelling characters, a narrative which proceeds at a nice pace (there were 3 arcs in 25 episodes-not too bad), and an aesthetic which can appeal to non anime fans as well.  While the series has plenty of action, the appeal is really the characters and their journey to become heroes. While Deku’s journey is front and center in the series, you also get to experience other characters struggles woven in a genus fashion into the narrative. The season contained a lot of character development for multiple characters and that is what the fans are discussing. This series while it does have Shonen tropes, the inclusion of such tropes neither dominates or degrades the series. My Hero Academia has risen to the top of the anime world and if you haven’t experienced the fun series, you really should.



This show was certainly a surprise for many people. It was easy to expect a typical Issekai type show but instead we got something that contained much more. Season 1 appeared to be setting up a grand second half and finale for the series- it did not disappoint. The narrative takes it time getting to it’s destination and as a result we got a definitive and satisfying conclusion. It would have been easy for the series to collapse under the weight of it’s ambition but Re:Creators succeeds in achieving it’s goals. The characters (even the “villians”) are all easy to get behind as they go from caricatures to complex characters . The series provides a new perspective on such character types with placing them in our world. This very fact opened up a ton of interesting plot elements and discussions  Add in an underlying commentary about the the creative process, anime character types and fan/audience expectations and you have a surprisingly complex narrative. This is packaged in crisp and awesome animation and a very epic soundtrack. Re:creators sadly received less attention than it should get because of the streaming platform but if you can, give this one a shot.

Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest

If I were to make a list of series which demonstrate the artist value of anime and it’s great capacity for storytelling, this series would make it on the list. Sakura Quest is a series which doesn’t need flashy sequences, fan service, or story telling cliches to be entertaining. Sakura Quest tells a story that is grounded in reality with real world scenarios and issues. In addition, the characters go well beyond the typical anime tropes and feel really authentic. The series has the perfect balance between comedic, dramatic, and tender moments. In addition you have a cast of characters which feels authentic and genuine. These characters are about as close to “real” people as you find in fiction. The issues and the struggles that these people are what everyone faces at some point in their lives. The town and the townspeople also have the same authentic feeling and not just means to push the main narrative or to have something for the main cast to play off of.  These elements together make for a very compelling and emotional narrative. This narrative is presented in a beautiful way with gorgeous animation and an awesome soundtrack. This is a must watch series and easily one of the best of this year.

New Game!! new game!!l

Season 1 of New Game was a fun and relaxing show with a premise that while simple was executed incredibly well. The characters all had a charm about them, the plot elements were certainly relate-able to anyone who has ever been in a workplace and you just wanted to see more of Aoba, Hifumi, Yun, Hajime, and all of the characters at Eagle Jump.  Season 2 continues doing the things which made season 1 so great with the addition of an amazing simuldub this time around. (Season 1 was also dubbed and it is certainly the best way to watch the show.)  The antics continue but are also joined by plenty of softer and more emotional moments. New Game is a series which is great if you are looking to unwind and relax. It is a show with cute girls doing cute things but these girls are so much fun that the simplicity of the series doesn’t matter. We also get the addition of new characters which as one would expect do add new wrinkles to the series and keep it fresh. Oh and by the way Hifumi is best girl-hands down. Check out this series if you haven’t done so already.

And now we have made the end of my recommendations list. For my other recommendation for the last season click this link (Railgunfan75’s Anime Recommendations from Summer 2017 (New Series Edition)). What are your recommendations from the past season please comment below. If you wish to keep up with the latest news from the blog then follow me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) and Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off for the 150th time! Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog and enjoyed it;s content. It is as always much appreciated! See you soon!