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Railgunfan75’s 2017 Anime Awards-Vote Now!

Greetings! It is that time of the year again. With the holidays approaching and the final anime season of the year underway, it is time to start considering those top final top 10 lists and other accolades for the year. Last year, I decided to a do an awards thing instead of a top anime list for the year. In addition, I asked the readers about their pick for best anime. This year I would like to expand upon that and ask the readers to vote on all of the awards that I will giving out. Since we are in Week 5 of the season, I figure now is a good time to open the poll. The poll will be in the form of a Google doc which I have linked below:


Please feel free to vote as many times as you want- just please leave only 1 response per question per form. This will make it easier for me to tally the results later. Also when answering questions based of characters/theme songs, etc., please specify the series that your answers belong to.

The poll will close in mid January and I will post the results along with my picks.

So that’s it! Please click the link and vote! I am curious to hear from you. This is Railgunfan75 signing off! See you soon!


One comment on “Railgunfan75’s 2017 Anime Awards-Vote Now!

  1. Irina
    November 2, 2017

    I haven’t seen anything recent but I look forward to the results!

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