Greetings! I am back with Part 4 of the SAO set overview. This time I will be discussing notable blue cards from the set. If you are curious about the other colors- follow the links below.

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Note: The Card names may be different in English. 

“Time to Get Serious” Kirito
Trait 1: アバター (Avatar)   Trait 2: 武器 (Weapon)
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, this gains +1500 Power for the turn.
[A] When the Battle Opponent of this becomes Reversed, choose 1 of your other Characters with either ::Avatar:: or ::Net::, Rest it, and move it to an empty Slot in the Back Row.

The first card I will be discussing is an interesting utility card. This card can serve as one turn beater and a means to execute an extra attack at level 0. What this card allows you to do is play a backrow utility card such as a brainstormer in the front row, use it to gain a stock (and possible kill something) and then move it to the backrow where it can’t be attacked. This ability even works if the character is in the reversed position when the effect activates. At 3500 at level 0, it can get over practically anything that is played allowing the effect to played with ease. After level 0 however, it is simply clock fodder as it won’t reverse much if your opponent is having a good game. Overall, this is an utility card which could be worth testing out though it doesn’t have the lifespan of other utility cards in SAO.

“Chain Attack” Sinon
Trait 1: アバター (Avatar)   Trait 2: 武器 (Weapon)
[C] If you have 4 or more Characters with either ::Avatar:: or ::Net::, this gets -1 Level while in your hand.
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage or via the effect of [A] of ‘”Chain Attack” Kirito’ to the Stage, draw up to 1 card, and this gains +2000 Power for the turn.
[A] [(1) Discard 2 cards from your hand to the Waiting Room] This ability activates up to once per turn. When your Character in the Front Row Center Slot attacks, you may pay cost. If so, put the top 3 cards of your Library in the Waiting Room. If there were at least 1 Climax card among them, Stand this.

This will also be discussed briefly in terms on the Chain Attack Combo on a later post but this card could also have some use in decks outside of the combo. This is a nice advance summon card for Sinon waifu decks or even the Meta Blue/Green decks if you want another endgame finisher. The advance summon condition is insanely easy to pull off as your entire deck should have those traits and full fielding with SAO is not hard. The on play effect is certainly decent with the draw and power pump. Finally, the restand condition is relatively to execute with no reverse required and is relatively inexpensive. The restand ability can miss in an uncompressed deck or by pure chance which is also something to consider as well. Overall though this is a decent secondary finishing option for many decks.

Sinon, Reliable Helper
Trait 1: アバター (Avatar)   Trait 2: 武器 (Weapon)
[C] For each of your other Character with either ::Avatar:: or ::Net::, this gains +500 Power.
[A] CX COMBO When this attacks, if “Trustworthy Shooting” is in the Climax Zone, reveal the top card of your Library. If it’s a Character with either ::Avatar:: or ::Net::, put it in your hand. (Otherwise put it back where it was)
Trustworthy Shooting
Trait 1: None   Trait 2: None
[C] All your Characters gain +1000 Power and +1 Soul.

Next up, we have a combo which is probably best used in Sinon waifu decks. The combo is certainly inferior to others that the set has to offer and those should be played over this one in most decks. This combo can wiff on climax reveal and you don’t have the option of choosing what you grab. It is a plussing combo for free and on that merit, it is not inherently bad. However, pulling one random card is far inferior to searching or salvaging.  The Sinon sits at a respectable 6500 power with a full field which means it has potential to stick around for a bit and also a plussing combo was the one thing Sinon waifu decks were sorely missing so with this card, those decks are more viable. Overall, it is an ok card.

Yui, Full of Energy
Trait 1: ネット (Net)   Trait 2: None
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, this gains +X Power for the turn. X = 500 times # of your Characters with either ::Avatar:: or ::Net::.
[A] [Discard 2 cards from your hand to the Waiting Room] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may pay cost. If so, put all of your Opponent’s Stock in the Waiting Room, and your Opponent puts the same number of cards from top of his or her Library in his or her Stock.
[A] During your Opponent’s turn, when the Damage taken by you is not Cancelled, if this is in the Front Row, look at the top card of your Library and put it either on top of the Library or in the Waiting Room.

This Yui card is one which can change the tide of a game on both sides. Stock swap abilities can be extremely powerful especially against opponents who focus on generating a lot of stock with their decks. If that stock doesn’t contain any climaxes, then the stock swap ability hurts them even further. The certainty of knowing exactly where climaxes are goes away as the effect can blindly force climaxes into stock. When the deck is compressed, this will likely be multiple climaxes sent out this way. This can turn a game where a player can get multiple cancels and survive to a game where they don’t. This effect can also force refresh by clearing out your opponents’ library. There are occasions where this effect could help clean out climaxes from stock but that can be avoided with smart play. The top check effect is less powerful and less impactful but it can save the occasional game. You use this to remove characters if they are on top or keep climaxes on top if one is revealed. Removing one character card from the deck is a card which can’t be taken as damage and can move you one card closer to cancelling. It’s less impactful because you do need to take damage for the effect to activate and if the damage is the final damage, then it doesn’t matter anyway. The card also is a significant beater on the tun it’s played- helping to eliminate opponents characters and to allow it to stick around on defense. It is weak defensively but once it dies on the opponents’ turn, it has already served it’s purpose. This is one of those fine utility cards that can work well to compliment your finisher of choice.

Kazuto, Not Used to AR
Trait 1: ネット (Net)   Trait 2: None
[A] BOND/”Asuna, Wave Attack” [Discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room]
[S] [(1) Put this in the Waiting Room] Look at up to 4 cards from top of your Library, search for up to 1 Character with either ::Avatar:: or ::Net::, reveal it, put it in your hand, and put the rest in the Waiting Room.

This card is pretty much designed to be used in the “Switch” deck type. The bond effect is for the level 3 Asuna which searches on play and is one piece of the combo. Adding options to get cards you need is always a good idea and thus card can help you do that. The card’s secondary effect is a decent effect but a bit deceiving. The effect does add a card to hand but the effect actually lets you break even at best. You lose a card from hand to play this, then use it’s ability to get a card back.  Unlike other cards with similar effects which let you repeat the ability, this one requires you to send the card to waiting room. When those other cards are used for the second time and beyond, the are plussing effects. This one cannot do that with it’s cost. Unless you are running the Switch combo, this card is outclassed by other cards in other deck types.

Lovestruck Klein
Trait 1: アバター (Avatar)   Trait 2: 武器 (Weapon)
[A] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, reveal the top card of your Library. If it’s a Character with either ::Avatar:: or ::Net::, this gains +2000 Power for the turn. (Put the revealed card back where it was)
[A] When this attacks, if you have 1 or fewer other Characters, you may put the top card of your Library in the Waiting Room. If it’s a Level 0 or lower Character, put it in any Slot in the Back Row.

Next up, we have a fairly common card archetype which can be useful at level 0. The main purpose of this card, is try to allow you to field multiple level 0 characters without depleting your hand too much. This nice thing about this variant is that you can check in advance to see what the card is. If the checked card is not a level 0, then you can bypass the mill effect if you wish. This can also be a 3500 beater for a turn which can also be pretty nice. It does practically nothing after level 0 however. Certainly an interesting level 0 option but very limited in it’s effectiveness.

Sinon, Debate Coolly
Trait 1: アバター (Avatar)   Trait 2: 武器 (Weapon)
[A] When you use the BACKUP of this, if you have a Character with either ::Avatar:: or ::Net::, choose 1 of your Characters in battle, and that Character gains +1000 Power for the turn.
[S] [Counter] BACKUP 2500, Level 2 [(1) Discard this card from your hand to the Waiting Room]

This card type is pretty common in most sets- the oversize counter with a condition attached to it. These types are cards are always a solid option to include in a deck. It is fairly difficult to get a character 4000 power over a character of the same level. As such, this card can give a form of indirect advantage by saving a card from hand on your next turn. It is just really a question of whether this is better than a utility counter with less of a power bump. That is really a matter of preference.

That concludes part 4 of my set review for the Ordinal Scale Booster. I will conclude my set review for SAO: Ordinal Scale with a look at the new deck type- The Chain Attack combo featured prominently in this booster. Expect that to arrive sometime fairly soon. The next Weiss Schwarz post will switch back to Konosuba for an exploration of the blue cards of the set. Also coming soon, I will be doing Saekano and Gurren Laggan content as I have decided to invest in those sets (Gurren Laggan in English).  If you have any thoughts or comments please leave them below or contact me on Twitter (@Railgunfan75) or Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off and saying see you soon!