Greetings! This blog will soon be celebrating it’s 200th post. This is a big milestone and I wanted to do something special. For the blog’s 100th post I did a list of my Top 25 Favorite Anime (Post #100: My Top 25 All Time Favorite Anime), I had a lot of fun compiling the list and sharing that with you all. For post #200, I wanted to get my readers involved. I want to know what you would want to see. It is because of all of you that this blog has thrived because of the support and excitement by those of you who read my content. As such I wanted to ask you what you want to see. I have attached a brief survey including a few options that I thought of and a space for you to write your own suggestion. Based off the results, I will craft my celebratory post. The ideas that I came up with:

  • A Q&A post where I will answer any question (if resonable and not too personal)
  • A Top 25 Waifu List
  • A Top 50 Anime List

Of course I am open tom suggestions (hence why I am doing this survey. The link to the survey is below.

I will keep the survey open for a few weeks- exact end date is TBD at this point. Please let me know what you want to see from the blog. And of course a big thank you for your input and support. Until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off! Stay geeky my friends!