Greetings! I somehow have made it through another week. I wasn’t sure whether this post would be ready in time but it appears that I have made it. As the Spring season approaches it’s end in a few weeks we continue to have a lot of entertaining and amazing series airing. This week was a great example of this. So here is what I was watched during the past week.


Steins Gate 0 Ep.9

Wotakoi Ep. 9


Darling in the Franxx Ep. 20

Megalo Box Ep. 10

Comic Girls Ep. 10


Steins Gate 0 Ep. 7

Baka and Test Ep. 5

Full Metal Panic? Fumouffu Ep. 5

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Ep. 5

My Hero Academia Ep. 48

FLCL Progressive Ep. 2

Hinamatsuri Ep. 7

Space Battleship Tiramasu Ep. 8


I will say it. I still enjoy Darling in the Franxx and thought that the episode was quite good (and here comes the rage and pitchforks from the anime community). Yes, the plot revelations were not surprising given the hints dropped and the connections to other series with similar twists. But they are plot devices that have been proven to work and I am willing to wait to see where this goes. I still find this series to be quite entertaining to watch. I am However, I was still quite entertained by this episode and am really looking forward to where the series will go as it approaches it finale. Can’t wait to see what Zero-Two will go through to save Hiro.

Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory - 05 - Large 05

The new episode of Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory was another excellent episode as the series’ plot seems to switch gears a bit. It is clear now that ep. 1-4 were a prologue and now we are in the main story. I found it interesting that it seems like Sousuke has changed a bit. I always liked the character but you can see in this episode that you have a guy who is both angry and determined to do what he needs to do. It’s obvious he is going through all this for a reason- a reason which hopefully we will see in the upcoming episodes. The new characters introduced in this episode are also a nice addition to the series.

My Hero Academia has now hit the payoff for the events and exposition at the start of the season and my goodness the payoff has been certainly worth it. Simply put the battle between All Might and All for One was on the top of the epic scale. I’m sure we all are curious to see what All Might can do when he is able to go full throttle- the destruction caused by the battle alone was very telling about the strength between those two. And wow the presence on the screen of All for One was just what you would want from a villain. The series continues to be an excellent watch and the next episode can’t come soon enough.

I have been saying this now every week but again Hinamatsuri delivered another awesome episode- this time with the comedy taking center stage. It was to see the focus shift back to Hina for this episode. The fact that she is both clueless about most things and just stubborn when it comes to getting what she wants is an awesome combination for comedy. And yes, the dub is the definitive way to watch this series as I am only watching the dub going forward. It is that good.

wotakoi 9

Wotakoi gives us a fun where episode where we see what happens when you take the otaku out of their element. Hirotaka and Narumi trying to have a “normal” date was so on point and fun to watch. We have all been there- that awkwardness when we can’t discuss the latest anime episode or manga chapter. The characters and situations really feel authentic and relatable. The comedy also continues to be on point with that great tunnel ride scene. I also love how they balance the comedy and the tender moments- those moments where you see the characters and their relationships grow. This episode was a great example of this. This will be one that I will definitely miss when it finishes airing.

comic girls ep.10

Episode 10 of Comic Girls was just pure ridiculous fun and I lived it. The craziness that ensued when Tsu goes home (with the dark and dreadful music playing in the background) was absolutely hilarious. Yes, this show follows a very tried an true formula but they execute that formula insanely well and episode 10 was another example of it. I like how it is really a story about the group. Yes, the focus on each individual at different points but the never neglect a character for too long. They have hinted at some plot points coming up for the final 2 episodes. Hopefully, we will see a resolution to that.

FLCL was another episode filled with the standard FLCL insanity. Seeing Haruko riding indoors on her Vespa is the definition of what makes FLCl well FLCL. Insane and crazy things happen well just because and to try to make sense of them is an exercise in futility. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. The episode was a lot of fun to watch- no surprises there at all.


And last but not least we have Steins; Gate 0. While the episode didn’t have the shock value or feels of the previous couple of episodes, We get a lot of interesting information in the episode. I do enjoy that the series prefers to drip out the information instead of a massive information dump. It certainly keeps things interesting and gives you a reason to keep coming back. Of course we are all waiting for that moment where we get that shoe to drop and all hell breaks loose. The pieces are starting to fall into place for that I think. We are already to see Suzaha’s desperation come into play in this episode.


There wasn’t a dud episode in the mix this week.

Other Thoughts

This was my anime viewed list even with working literally a crap load of hours last week- I am actually quite impressed with that.

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