Greetings! Another week has come and gone and finally I have had some time to actually watch many of the shows on my list. This week was a bit of a catch up week for me as I was able to catch up on a few series. Not only were the episodes plenty but many were top quality episodes. So without any further delay, here is the list.


Steins; Gate 0- Ep. 10

Megalo Box -Ep. 11

Comic Girls -Ep. 11

Darling in the Franxx -Ep. 21

SAO GGO- Ep. 10

Wotakoi -Ep. 10

Crossing Time -Ep. 9-11


Space Battleship Tiramasu Ep. 9

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Ep. 6-12

Hinamatsuri- Ep. 8

Golden Kamuy- Ep. 7-8

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These- Ep. 7-8

My Hero Academia- Ep. 49

FLCL Progressive Ep. 3

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory- Ep. 6

Steins; Gate 0 Ep. 8

Aggretsuko- Ep. 2



At the top of the anime heap last week for me was of course the episode of My Hero Academia. I would agree that this episode is as good as advertised and could be easily the best single anime episode of the year. This episode was well written, the animation was top notch, and the acting (I watched the dub) was absolutely amazing. I was both awed and then saddened by the episode. Yes, we knew that All Might would eventually be forced to retire as a hero but to have it done in that way is a stroke of genius.  This episode is simply a game changer in terms of where the story of My Hero Academia will go and I am excited to see what comes next. One could write a novel as to the strengths or impact of this episode- it was that good.

Speaking of episode of the year candidates- episode 8 of Steins; Gate 0 would easily be another one of those for me and this week we got the dubbed version of the episode. I will just say that the dub performance was absolutely amazing. I have stated repeatedly that the dub for the series is the best version and the performances in Episode 8 do nothing to sway me from that position.

Episode 10 of Steins; Gate 0 really felt like an episode which was the final calm before the storm. We got a nice and calm 1st half of the episode until the emotions and tension start to build towards the end. I enjoyed how we got to really see how Maho felt about Kurisu. It was great to see her open up a bit about their relationship. It was a nice conversation between Okabe and Maho. We know of course that any peace won’t last forever and since we are approaching the halfway mark of the series- I’m sure that the intensity will ramp up in the coming episodes.


Comic Girls continued to impress with another fun and emotional episode last week. It was great to see Kaos make headway in her quest to have a series published. There was also a hint of sadness as the end of the series draws near and the girls will be leaving the dorm. I will be sad to see this go but I am looking forward to see how they choose to wrap up the series.


I did manage to finally finish Full Metal Panic Fumoffu and honestly I really enjoyed the season a lot. The absurdity that they use for comedic purposes works well in the main series but ramped up a few levels it is comedic genius at work. I laughed out loud in practically every episode. It is a sign of a strong story and characters when you have a franchise that can work well in both the drama and comedy ends of the spectrum.

I also did enjoy the newest episode of Full Metal panic IV this week as well. It was great to see Sousuke find another family of sorts. Knowing the series, I’m guessing it won’t end too well considering the events of the second half of the episode but confirming what Sousuke’s goal was by taking part in the sport was nice.

Wotakoi continues to spew out charm and humor with another great episode. I am actually running out of ways to compliment this series. This show is a must watch…period.

FLCL Progressive also continues to impress. The episode was great this week as expected. The humor continues to be off beat and off the wall. The symbolism and message of the series continues to be fascinating to watch.


And finally we have the series which continues to cause the community to rage- Darling in the Franxx. I still haven’t wavered and stand behind this series. The series just has me hooked and now with the series reaching it’s final episodes, I am dying to find out how it concludes. The episode was crazy and at times nonsenical but it was a hell of a ride.  The cliffhanger with Zero-Two has had me counting down the days to the next episode to see what her fate is next week.


Nothing again this week.

Other Thoughts 

I know that the new season will likely have great series but I will be saddened when this season comes to a close. There are so many great series that will be ending- the summer anime will have a tough act to follow.

That concludes my thoughts for the week. What did you enjoy this week? Please comment below or message me on Twitter (@railgunfan75) or Facebook (Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog). So until next time, this is Railgunfan75 signing off and saying see you soon. Stay geeky my friends!